Step into a world of elegance and individuality with our collection of women's fashion rings at EX3 Diamond. Our carefully-selected collection offers fashion jewelry rings in various shapes, colors, and styles - guaranteeing you'll find one to complement your everyday style or make a memorable statement for special events. Our fashion diamond rings for ladies are meant to stand out!

Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Rings:

Our lab grown diamond fashion rings are more than accessories; they're expressions of your personality. Picture yourself in the spotlight wearing our 3 1/2Ct Asscher Cut Moissanite Diamond & Sapphire Gold Ring in 14k gold. This breathtaking piece seamlessly blends lab-grown diamonds with the allure of sapphires, creating a timeless yet contemporary design. The asscher cut adds a touch of vintage charm, making it ideal for those who appreciate classic elegance.

For a symbol of everlasting love, explore the 1Ct TW Diamond Wedding Contour Curved Ring. Its curved contour not only enhances the beauty of the lab-grown diamonds but also makes it perfect for stacking with other rings. This is more than a ring; it's a celebration of love, making it a meaningful choice for weddings and anniversaries.

Fashion Diamond Rings for Ladies:

Our fashion diamond rings for ladies collection extends beyond traditional designs, offering a burst of color with pieces like the 4Ct Large 10x8mm Oval Amethyst Solitaire Ring in 10k White Gold. The deep hue of the amethyst makes it a vibrant and bold choice, perfect for expressing your individuality. Or dive into the contemporary with the 4 3/4Ct Amethyst Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring, where the split shank design adds a modern twist to the classic combination of amethyst and diamonds.

Crafted for You:

What makes our fashion rings truly special is the craftsmanship. Our hand-crafted styles, including eternity bands, oval cuts, and pear shapes, are designed to sweep you off your feet. Whether you prefer white or yellow gold, each lab-grown diamond fashion ring is customizable to suit your style or that of your loved one. Celebrate your unique love story with jewelry that's not just made but crafted with precision and set by experts.

Ethical Luxury with Lab-Grown Diamonds:

At EX3 Diamond, we believe in luxury that doesn't compromise ethics. Our commitment to sustainability and socially-conscious production methods is reflected in our conflict-free, lab-grown stones. The same sparkle and durability as natural diamonds, without the environmental impact of mining, all proudly made in the USA. Explore our collection and find a lab-grown diamond fashion ring that not only shines but also aligns with your values.

Why Choose EX3 Diamonds:

Less Expensive: Affordable luxury without compromising quality.

100% Real Diamond: Authenticity guaranteed with our lab-grown diamond jewelry.

No Carbon Footprint: Make a positive impact on the environment with our eco-friendly options.

Environmentally Responsible: Prioritizing sustainability in our production methods.

Join the EX3 Diamond Experience:

Step into a world where each ring tells a story, and every piece is a work of art. Forinquiries or assistance, call 239.789.2288. Join our mailing list to be the first to discover new designs, guides, and exclusive offers. At EX3 Diamond, we redefine elegance, one hand-crafted ring at a time.


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