Our Story

We make diamonds from carbon. Down to the last atom an EX3 diamond is the same as a natural diamond.

We use a carbon vapor deposition (CVD) process to produce diamonds.

We employ the best cutters in the industry to facet and polish our diamonds.

We masterfully hand set our EX3 diamonds in high quality designer settings made in Illinois.

We're providing the world a diamond that has never funded terrorism, been mined by a child, or caused catastrophic environmental harm. Our motivation to produce EX3 diamonds was fueled by the quest to create a sustainable and perfectly cut diamond with no carbon foot print. Down to the last atom EX3 diamonds are every bit the same as a natural diamond.

EX3 Diamonds are produced using a Carbon Vapor Deposition (CVD) method.

How this works is we start with a carbon diamond slice approx. 1mm thick and blast it with pressure, heat, and a cocktail of gasses.
Sounds easy right?

This process is not easy, in fact for three years we failed to get it right, but over the last decade we studied the science of diamond creation and teamed up with the industries top engineers to master the art of producing high quality colorless diamonds.

The science is straight forward but the process is sophisticated. Diamonds are rare and special, but at the simplest level, diamonds are carbon. Let us explain, carbon is a periodic element, the symbol is C, and important to Earth. The absence of carbon on Earth means we wouldn't have DNA and most importantly we wouldn't have diamonds.

A carbon atom has four electrons and if four of those electrons form single bonds with, say, four hydrogen atoms, you'll get CH4, methane. If the carbon atoms bond with more carbon atoms in a layered, chicken-wire pattern, you'll have graphite which is just one of the many forms of pure carbon. And if each electron from one carbon atom bonds with an electron from a different carbon atom in a perfectly tetrahedral structure which you'll get a diamond. So, if they don't bond in an infinitely repeatable pattern made of pyramids with four corners, four triangular faces, and six straight edges and they keep on doing that, many billions of times, you won't get a diamond.

We created OB1X, a cylinder shaped 10,000 degree heat chamber that has intense plasma to immolate suns outer layer. We shoot gasses in the chamber which encourage the carbon atoms to leave the plasma and attached to the diamond slice and arrange in a tetrahedral lattice shape. What you get is somewhat of an atomic orgy.

Our process is natural in the sense that it doesn't just print flawless diamonds, that would be nice but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. It's made from carbon and we're simply providing elements to stack more carbon atoms on a diamond. This process takes months rather than thousands of years underground. Not all diamonds that we grow are usable, in fact 15% of all grows do not turn out, the waste is minimal because we can still use the carbon to regrow in the chamber.

We guarantee the creation of our diamonds to be environmentally friendly, morally pure, and very sparkly!


The rough tetrahedron carbon rock is skillfully faceted and polished into a sparkling diamond.

We follow strict ideal cutting standards, while maximizing total diamond weight. Cut is the one aspect of the diamond we do not compromise.

We have several skilled cutters, one of our master cutters studied Tolowksi who was the inventor of the "ideal" cut dimensions, among other contributions to the diamond and jewelry business.

Larger diamonds are sent to IGI (International Gemological Institute) a trusted grading laboratory in the diamond industry. A diamond certificate is included with the larger diamonds, not a jeweler's appraisal.

EX3 Diamond: Responsible. Traceable. Scintillating.

Designer Jewelry and Our Skilled Craftsman's

After the diamonds are cut and polished we hand make and sell all the diamonds in our designs. The inspiration comes from classic looks with a vintage twist. It's a traditional style that you can enjoy forever.

Our team is the best in the biz, with over four generations of making jewelry we have mastered the art. We first start by casting the design you choose in any metal; white gold, platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold. The casting is then cleaned and polished before going to setting. Now is when the magic happens, two of the setters have more than 60 years of experience and part of the family. We have a special prong style of setting and use a cup burr to round each prong giving it a smooth and clean look. Finishing the prongs smooth also ensures you see more diamond than metal.

We do not hire brands to private label their designs, these are all made in house. Our quality and bespoke method provide a greatness that can be celebrated forever. Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted to order, special for you! Items are not stamped out, mass produced sitting on a shelf. This product needs care should be made to the size and individual specifications.

Our jewelry is a gasping combination of fine art, science, and nature. It's intended for a society full of integrity, beauty, and promise for the future. It's meant for people like you that want a diamond they can believe in.

EX3 Jewelry: Made in USA. 100% Eco-Friendly. Breathtaking.