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EX3 Created Diamond Jewelry

Celebrate your unique love story with a custom engagement ring that perfectly suits the person you love. With our lab-made diamond rings, you can shop for cruelty-free, eco-conscious products to express your devotion.

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Responsible Source Certified

This innovative SCS certification assures customers that we use recycled metals and gemstones, actively avoiding conflict metals and materials from questionable or illegal sources. It also demonstrates that we meet fundamental benchmarks of social and environmental accountability, including risk management throughout the supply chain.

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wedding and anniversary rings

Wedding & Anniversary

Lab-made diamond rings look just like their real counterparts, so you can propose with a stunning sparkling gemstone that will make it hard to say anything but YES! Choose lab diamond jewelry for your wedding and anniversary pieces to continue in a tradition of responsible shopping.

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Solitaire Solitaire

The classic solitaire is sleek and minimalist. Let the diamond take center stage with our lab-made solitaire diamond rings!

Halo Halo

Inspired by antique and vintage creations, halo rings make a center stone look so much bigger. Enhance that sparkle and shine!

Side Stones Side Stones

Who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle in their custom diamond jewelry? We do! With diamonds all along the band, your finger glows.

Three Stone Three Stone

Even with three stones, our lab-made diamond rings are as affordable as ever! Shop this symbolic style that tells the story of your love today.

Vintage Vintage

Our vintage-inspired pieces may not actually be from the 1800s, but they sure look like it! Explore our unique recreations.

Bridal Sets Bridal Sets

With our lab diamond jewelry bridal sets, shopping is easy! Find the perfect accompaniment to your dream engagement ring here


Learn About Our Diamonds

Manufactured from carbon, our lab-made diamond rings have the exact same chemical properties as a naturally formed diamond. Our ethical processes ensure that no diamond you buy from us has ever caused harm to our environment or any individual. Discover how we’re cleaning up the diamond industry today!

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With over 100 years of experience and a strong background in both gemology and design, we are a uniquely positioned resource for the highest quality diamond jewelry available.

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We offer free insured shipping and a 30-day return period so you can enjoy peace of mind with every purchase.

100% Eco-Friendly

Eco-conscious and cruelty-free, we’re all about ethics in an industry that can get a little murky. Shop eco-friendly jewelry here.

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Our team is extremely knowledgeable and always happy to help. Reach out to us any time with comments and questions.

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Our expert team is here to help with your jewelry questions. Reach out or explore our blog for more information.

Made in the USA

Every piece of our lab-made jewelry is manufactured in the United States, providing more jobs to people right here at home.

Skilled Craftsmanship

From the creation of the stone to the design of the setting, we work with experts to ensure top-quality and durability.

lab-grown diamond jewelry

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Whether you’re interested in custom diamond jewelry or have a question about a piece from our ready-to-ship collections, our jewelry experts are standing by to assist. Find guidance, advice, and support when you reach out to our team today.

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