Will lab-grown diamond last?

Feb 23rd 2024

Natural diamonds have long symbolized timeless love and valued family heirlooms, yet amid growing ethical and environmental worries they present a question: Will lab-grown diamond last? The answer to that is a yes - lab-grown diamonds share all of the physical and chemical attributes of mined counterparts so their resilience and brilliance remain visible for future generations to enjoy.

The Scientific Foundation of Their Durability

Diamonds' durability rests upon their carbon lattice structure - its distinguishing feature among natural and lab-grown diamonds alike - giving rise to incredible hardness, resistance to abrasions, and ranking atop the Mohs scale of mineral hardness with 10 - only being scratched by other diamonds themselves in daily use!

Beyond Hardness: Revealing Strength

While hardness protects diamonds from scratches, toughness measures their resistance to chipping or fracture. Lab-grown diamonds excel here thanks to being produced under highly controlled environments that enable uniform growth with few imperfections compared to mined ones that often contain internal flaws that decrease toughness over time.

Timeless Brilliance, Spotless Luster

Diamonds have long been celebrated for their bewitching sparkle; in this regard, lab-grown gems are just as captivating. Being subjected to identical cutting and polishing procedures used with mined diamonds results in stones with astounding fire, dispersion of light, brilliance, firework displays, and brilliance that lasts through time requiring only occasional professional cleaning for upkeep of brilliance and allure.

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Beyond Durability - Additional Advantages

Lab-grown diamonds offer more than physical durability; here's why opting for them provides additional peace of mind:

  • Ethical Sourcing: Traditional diamond mining often raises concerns regarding conflict and unethical practices; lab-grown diamonds provide a hassle-free origin that allows you to wear this symbol of love without ethical compromises or complications.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Diamond mining presents numerous environmental concerns; in comparison, lab-grown diamonds employ sustainable processes designed to limit their environmental footprint while simultaneously increasing ecological consciousness.
  • Lab-Grown Diamonds Offer Affordable Solutions: Through carefully managed production techniques, these gems offer exceptional value to buyers searching for larger or higher quality stones without overextending their budgets.
  • Transparency and Traceability: Each lab-grown diamond comes complete with its comprehensive report outlining its origin and development journey ensuring complete transparency every step of the way.

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5 Reasons Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Make Perfect Heirloom Pieces

When purchasing a diamond for special events and family heirlooms, longevity should always be top of mind. After all, you want the gem to endure over time and keep telling its special tale for generations ahead. Lab-grown diamonds make great heirloom pieces:

  • Generational Durability: Lab-grown gems share many of the same physical and chemical characteristics with mined diamonds, being amongst the hardest natural substances known.
  • Superior Clarity and Color: They offer superior clarity and color because their production occurs under controlled conditions that ensure exceptional clarity and consistent hue.
  • Sustainable Option: Passing down a lab-grown diamond can symbolize both love and commitment to creating an environmentally responsible legacy that continues for future generations.
  • Timeless Appeal: Lab-grown diamonds with their timeless brilliance remain treasures to be admired now and in years to come - whether worn traditionally or modernly in traditional or modern designs.
  • Invest for the Future: Lab-grown diamonds make for smart investments, with their value projected to stabilize and potentially appreciate over time - giving your heirloom piece not only emotional significance but also financial worth for future generations.

EX3Diamonds - Your Partner in Heirloom Creation

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