Why is there 3 rings in a engagement ring?

Jun 8th 2024

Have you seen the bride-to-be's hands adorned with three sparkling rings? While some might assume it's simply for extra bling, there's an ancient symbolism behind these sets - Why is there 3 rings in a engagement ring? EX3Diamonds understands its meaning, offering our couples guidance through this exciting chapter in life!

A Journey of Love with Three Jewels

Wedding rings symbolize love and commitment between couples. Each ring holds a special meaning for them: engagement ring; wedding band; and promise ring.

1. Engagement Ring

This glittering symbol marks the start of an eternal commitment between couples. Presented during a proposal, engagement rings symbolize each couple's intention to marry and can often serve as an indicator. At EX3Diamonds we offer stunning collections of engagement rings including our highly popular Halo Engagement Rings designed to maximize brilliance.

2. Wedding Band

When worn at a wedding ceremony, wedding bands symbolize two souls becoming officially one. At EX3Diamonds we offer various styles and materials of wedding bands which complement engagement rings beautifully.

3. Eternity Band

Given as a special anniversary gift, an eternity band symbolizes undying love and commitment. While engagement and wedding bands typically consist of rings with diamonds (or gemstones) set into them representing everlasting love; eternity bands offer something truly personal as they feature continuous rings made to fit around existing rings in your collection - making for the ideal expression of your feelings from EX3Diamonds that's sure to express yourself perfectly alongside any existing rings already owned.

Beyond Symbolism: A Celebration of Style

While tradition holds weight, selecting three rings doesn't need to be mandatory for couples who love the look. A three-ring set allows you to show off your style; maybe an eternity band complements perfectly your statement Halo Engagement Ring from EX3Diamonds; our wide variety allows you to mix and match styles to create the set that represents your relationship uniquely.

Breaking Tradition: Modern Expressions of Love

Traditions change and so must expressions of affection. Here are some alternative approaches:

  • The Solo Star: Brides often prefer wearing just their engagement ring on its own; especially if it's eye-catching like our 1 5/8Ct Diamond and Moissanite Cushion Halo Engagement Ring in 10k Gold from EX3Diamonds!
  • Mismatched Marvel: Don't shy away from showing your individuality by choosing rings that resonate with each of you even if they don't exactly complement one another.
  • An Eternity Promise: Instead of choosing just an engagement ring and an eternity band as wedding bands are usually expensive enough, consider offering both to show your commitment from day one.

Select Your Three (or Two, or One!)

No matter your style of wedding band selection, EX3Diamonds' expert staff can guide you in finding a set of rings that resonates with the story and journey of your love. Visit us or browse online today and find something perfect to express the depth of your everlasting love!