Why do they call it a tennis bracelet?

Mar 8th 2024

Tennis bracelets have long been associated with elegance and sophistication - yet have you ever considered why do they call it a tennis bracelet? Like any timeless classic, their history holds surprising yet captivating stories to tell!

From Diamond Line Bracelets to Center Court Fame

Before they became synonymous with tennis bracelets, these beautiful accessories were commonly known as "diamond line bracelets." Popular throughout the 20th century for their simple but stunning design, diamond line bracelets became known by their formal name of tennis bracelet only following an incident at the US Open center court in 1987 that gave birth to its unique nickname: tennis bracelet.

Match, Mishap, and the Birth of a Legend

Chris Evert was known for her grace and style both on and off of the court; during a powerful serve she experienced something unexpected: Her diamond line bracelet flew off her wrist during one match and flew all across the court! It had never done that before!

Evert, along with officials and members of her audience, took an instantaneous pause while searching for her lost bracelet - but luckily it was found, and play resumed as scheduled with Evert wearing his lucky charm back into play!

Evert's post-match interview and comment about her lost bracelet as her "tennis bracelet," quickly captured public and media interest and became part of tennis lore forevermore. That phrase became associated with these stunning pieces associated with the world of tennis forevermore.

Why is the Name Stuck? - Durability and Elegance

While "tennis bracelet" may have originated due to an eventful, singular instance, it also conveys their timeless qualities and continues to resonate as such:

  • Durability: Tennis bracelets are well-known for their classic design, featuring an uninterrupted row of gemstones (usually diamonds) secured with clasps for daily wear during tennis player activities. Their simple yet reliable construction makes these jewelry items suitable for everyday wear even during athletic activities like court tennis.
  • Elegance: Tennis bracelets exude timeless elegance that transcends their sport-specific use, providing versatile pieces perfect for everyday wear or formal events alike. They're the ideal addition to any jewelry collection!

The Timeless Allure of Tennis Bracelets at EX3 Diamonds

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Conclusion: An Everlasting Treasure

Why do they call it a tennis bracelet? - The history of the tennis bracelet serves as a delightful reminder that often, iconic names arise unexpectedly. From its humble roots on a diamond line to its center court debut and beyond, the tennis bracelet has come to represent both resilience and elegance for everyday wearers alike.

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