Who Sells Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Dec 1st 2023

Lab-grown diamonds emerged as an excellent and affordable option for diamond lovers. They are eco-friendly and prepared in a lab under controlled conditions. But when diamond users want to purchase high-quality lab-grown diamond jewelry. They want to find out who sells lab-grown diamonds. Because finding reliable, durable, guaranteed, and certified diamond jewelry is only possible by finding the primary source. From which you can purchase them easily.

Answering Your Most Anticipated Query: Who Sells Lab-Grown Diamonds?

The following are the crucial things you should know to help you choose lab created diamonds from the EX3 Diamond.

Production Method

EX3 Diamond emerged as a good platform for people to get lab-grown diamonds. You may have queries related to this platform. How does it work, and what methods produce lab-grown diamonds? Lab-grown diamonds are made with the help of using CVD method. Highly trained and professional staff ensure that the cut quality of the diamond is brilliant and flawless.

Conflict-Free Approaches

It is essential to know that these diamonds are equal in quality to naturally mined diamonds. Using safe and sustainable methods ensures that no conflict procedure is involved in the production process. So you can get a surety that you’re buying from a source. Not linked to any blood diamond activities or procedures. Safe methods also promote lesser availability of carbon foot prints in the diamonds.

Certified Lab Diamonds

Whenever you buy lab-made diamonds, you must check the receipt of grading from the manufacturers to ensure no inclusions. EX3 lab-grown diamonds are sent to a gemological institute, IGI (International Gemological Institute). To check the quality and grading of the diamonds.

Different Types Of Choices For Jewelry

You can get Halo diamond jewelry that makes the stone of the diamonds in the jewelry enhanced and more extensive. Through which the shine and brilliance of diamonds increase. Side Stones lab diamonds are also a better choice for people who want to purchase personalized diamonds. Three Stone lab diamonds emerged as a budget-friendly choice for people. Who want to enjoy wearing three stones in their jewelry.

The previous vintage diamonds influence vintage lab diamonds. They may not look like them, but you can find high-quality, durable diamond jewelry. The Bridal Sets collection of EX3 diamonds ensures you get the most stunning lab grown diamond engagement rings.

Variety Of Shapes

You should know that you can get lab-grown diamonds in different shapes. Such as round, oval, pear, marquise, emerald, cushion, princess, radiant, etc. You can also check out the collection of diamond anniversary rings from this platform.

Experienced And Reliable Platform

Talking about professionalism or experience. This platform has been working for over 100 years in the gemological and the construction of diamonds. You can even return the diamonds if you’re unsatisfied with the quality. As there is a thirty-day return policy available at EX3 Diamond. An expert from the staff is always available to answer the client's questions. And provide them with better knowledge about lab diamonds.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, who sells lab-grown diamonds? You can find the best and highest-quality lab diamonds from EX3 Diamond. You should know about the various types of jewerly and choices available in the diamonds. You can get professional consultation from experienced staff and enjoy wearing radiant, shiny diamonds at reasonable prices.