Who Puts Ring on First in Wedding?

Feb 9th 2024

To plan a wedding implies taking many traditions, customs, and etiquette rules into consideration all making up the ideal ceremony. An inclusive example of such an essential element is the sequence in which these rings are given away during a wedding service. But who puts ring on first in wedding? This question has been thought about for years and it is something rather important. Let us take a look more into this ageless wedding ritual!

Wedding Rings - A Symbol of Eternal Love and Affection

Before handling the question of “Who puts ring on first in wedding?” one has to understand what is its meaning. However, these rings are not mere accessories; rather they symbolize the everlasting love, unparalleled loyalty, and indissoluble holding that two partners share. These precious bands represent a commitment, a promise of eternal love and devotion. They're meant to be cherished, honored, and, yes, worn proudly.

The Significance of Exchanging Wedding Rings

One of the most crucial moments for a couple during their life bond is exchanging wedding rings when they are getting married as this symbolizes loving loyalty and intention to spend forever together. The rings in the passage assume a material form whereby they stand as a representation of love and affection that both share while their positioning on the finger varies depending upon cultural affiliations or personal preferences.

Western Tradition

In a Western culture, the man will put a wedding band on his fiancée’s finger that means an expression of their love and, besides, his willingness to assist her whatever cost it. In the next step, the bride puts a wedding ring on the finger of the groom symbolising her consent of his vow and dedication to their nuptials. The timeless practice of weddings rings symbolizes fidelity, uniqueness, and enduring commitment by an individual to another.

The Modern Approach

The recent times have observed drastic changes in the traditional wedding customs with evident inclinations towards balanced and egalitarian practices. In the present day, many couples have taken it upon themselves to embrace the policy of either placing rings on each other’s fingers hand in hand or trading with one another. This method characterizes the ideology of equality and mutuality which is a genuine element present in modern marriages. In this way, couples are developing an attitude of ‘we’, unity, and regard for oneself which could be described as a home for strong healthy relationships.

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Final Thoughts

Who puts ring on first in wedding? - When it comes to who wears it first at a wedding, there is no black and white answer as it is said, nothing is set on stone. It all depends on cultural preference and personal choice. Some traditions dictate that the groom should wear the ring first, while others have newer approaches like a surprise engagement ring exchange. However, one thing is for sure: this intimate symbol remains an emotional detail of love between partners. At EX3Diamonds, we celebrate these customs and help couples start their lifetime unions together!