Which Wedding Ring is Best For Bridal Set?

Apr 6th 2024

Once you have selected and accepted your engagement ring, the next exciting challenge is selecting an equally beautiful wedding band to round out your bridal set. With numerous styles, metals, and gemstone options available online today, how do you ensure which wedding ring is best for bridal set?

EX3 Diamonds understands the significance of crafting an engagement ring set that speaks to your unique love story. We hope this blog post can help you find an ideal partner for your engagement ring.

Consider Your Engagement Ring

Step one should involve considering the design of your engagement ring and understanding its style—is it a classic solitaire with a round brilliant diamond, vintage-inspired with intricate embellishments such as haloes, or three-stone settings? Knowing this information about it can help you select wedding bands that pair seamlessly with it.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings pair beautifully with various wedding band styles for effortlessly elegant elegance. A plain band in the same metal can create an ageless ensemble, or you can add subtle brilliance by choosing one featuring diminutive diamonds on its entire circumference for extra brilliance without overshadowing your solitaire ring.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings feature an elaborate cluster of diamonds surrounding one central stone for an illusion of grandeur. To preserve this beauty, choose a wedding band that fits flush against it; an attractively curled or pave band may add extra shine while adding another sparkly detail to your halo engagement ring!

Vintage Rings

Drawn from bygone eras, these rings boast intricate details and delicate milgrain edging that brings back romantic memories of days gone by. To complement its romantic aesthetic, consider pairing vintage rings with matching wedding bands featuring similar features; perhaps opting for one featuring engravings reminiscent of past decades or milgrain edges will complete an idyllic bridal set!

Match the Metal of Your Rings

Although not required, selecting matching metals for the engagement ring and wedding band makes your look cohesive. Here at EX3 Diamonds, we offer exquisite bridal sets made out of platinum, 14K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold to provide that polished and uniform appearance.


Renowned for its exceptional durability and radiant white sheen, platinum wedding bands have long been favored as wedding band material of choice. It works beautifully alongside white diamonds and gemstones while pairing perfectly with contemporary or minimalist engagement rings such as our 2 3/4Ct Oval Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set Rose Gold Lab Grown collection - complete with its platinum wedding band that harmonizes beautifully with rose gold settings on engagement rings!


Timelessly elegant and refined, gold has long been the choice of brides looking for wedding sets with classic aesthetic. Yellow gold adds warmth, while white exudes sophistication, while rose gold's romantic blush hue makes an eye-catching vintage-inspired statement. EX3 Diamonds provides wedding bands in each gold hue so that brides can find just the right accent piece to complement their engagement ring and complete their bridal set ensembles perfectly.

Choose Between Diamonds and Gemstones

While diamonds remain the go-to choice for wedding bands, incorporating gemstones can add an unexpected yet personal flair that stands out. A pave diamond wedding band offers just enough sparkle, while colored gemstones add dimension. Consider including them in your design to reflect your birthstone and their favorite hue or simply complete the overall aesthetic of your bridal set.

Lifestyle Considerations

Your lifestyle plays an essential part in selecting your wedding band. Optimizing durable metals like platinum or titanium may be wiser if you lead an active life and regularly engage in physical activities, such as hiking or working outdoors. Furthermore, keeping in mind where the diamond sits within its setting (e.g., high- or low-profile engagement rings) could bring greater comfort during everyday wear.

EX3 Diamonds Is Committed to Helping You Find the Ideal Wedding Band

Our experienced team at EX3 Diamonds is passionate about finding you a matching wedding band to complete your bridal set. Browse through our extensive collection, letting our experts assist in selecting a ring that harmonizes with your engagement ring and mirrors your personal style. We even carry beautiful bridal sets like 5 5/8Ct Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set 14k Gold Lab Grown, where the wedding band seamlessly integrates with its cushion halo design of engagement ring for seamless integration into one piece!

EX3 Diamonds provides you with the resources to craft the ideal bridal set to celebrate your lasting love story. Visit us now to find your ideal wedding band, which you can wear as an expression of dedication!