Which Shape is Most Preferred in Diamonds by Women?

Feb 2nd 2024

Diamonds symbolize emotions as diverse and wide-ranging as the choices available to consumers are vast and varied. But which shape is most preferred in diamonds by women? When selecting the ideal gemstone, one defining characteristic is often its shape - an opportunity EX3Diamonds excels at helping customers discover. This blog post will discuss the mysterious world of diamond shapes to find out which one holds supremacy among women!

Timeless Elegance of a Round Brilliant

The round brilliant cut, featuring its 58 meticulously designed facets to maximize brilliance, remains a timeless favorite among women. Renowned for its unsurpassed sparkle and timeless allure, round diamonds effortlessly capture and reflect light while creating a breathtaking display. This iconic shape transcends trends while suiting various settings perfectly, making them suitable engagement rings such as EX3Diamond's 2 Ct Emerald Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring.

Capturing Elegance With the Princess Cut

Princess Cut diamonds offer the ideal blend of modernity and sophistication, thanks to its square or rectangular form with pointed corners, exuding contemporary charm. Famed for its fire and brilliance, this shape makes an outstanding selection for women looking for uniqueness in their diamond purchases. At EX3Diamonds we feature an exceptional collection of princess-cut diamonds that exude its captivating beauty!

Heart-Shaped Charm

No shape rivals the romantic symbolism of the heart shape. A playful way of conveying love, heart-shaped diamonds instantly connote feelings of passion and commitment - making this shape ideal for conveying feelings of affection between partners or depicting intimate connections between friends. EX3Diamonds features stunning heart-shaped diamonds perfect for adding romance and sentimentality to any event or special momentous occasion.

Emerald Cut Beauty: A Historical Charm

Vintage aesthetics attract those drawn to vintage style; those drawn specifically to emerald cut diamonds may find the emerald cut distinctive and sophisticated in appearance, its long lines and step-cut facets emphasizing clarity while showing its inherent beauty. EX3Diamond's 2 Ct Moissanite Eternity Ring Women's Wedding Band with Emerald Cut stones pays a nod to the timeless elegance of this classic shape and makes an excellent addition for those who value old-world charm and sophisticated refinement.

Marquise-Cut Jewelry Offers Unrivalled Appeal

Marquise cut diamonds to create the appearance of extended fingers, making it a popular choice for engagement rings. Their distinctive silhouette adds drama and individuality for women who appreciate unconventional beauty; EX3Diamonds proudly presents a wide variety of marquise diamonds so customers can embrace its allure.

Select the Ideal Diamond Shape

As you begin the search for the ideal diamond for engagement rings, take into account these considerations to ensure it fits your style and preferences:

1. Personal Style

For those with an affinity for classic and timeless elegance, a round brilliant cut may be ideal. Thanks to its flexibility, this diamond shape complements both contemporary and traditional settings seamlessly.

2. Sentimental Value

For couples wanting an engagement ring with strong sentimental value, a heart shape or marquise cut could make symbolic choices that express love more poignantly and make for meaningful displays of affection. These shapes symbolize romance while providing meaningful ways of showing it through jewelry.

3. Consider Finger Shape and Size When Selecting Diamond Jewelry

To select an ideal diamond ring, think carefully about how its shapes can affect the length and size of your fingers when choosing its style and cut. Elongated shapes like marquise and emerald cuts create the appearance of longer fingers; round or princess cuts suit various hand types better.

4. Setting Preferences

Different diamond shapes often pair better with specific settings than others, for instance, the emerald cut often being featured in vintage-inspired settings while princess cuts can add modern and minimalist styles.

5. Consideration for Budgetary Considerations

Although round diamonds tend to cost more due to their popularity, other shapes such as princess, marquise, and heart cuts could provide more cost-efficient alternatives without compromising style or brilliance.

EX3Diamonds - Timeless Shapes and Brilliant Cuts

So which shape is most preferred in diamonds by women? Personal taste plays a pivotal role when selecting diamond jewelry. Some may lean toward classic round cuts while others find contemporary princess cuts more desirable; heart, emerald, and marquise cuts each have distinct traits to appeal to different tastes and preferences.

At EX3Diamonds, our mission is to offer our customers an expansive selection of diamonds that reflect their personal tastes and individual style. From timeless round brilliants and romantic heart shapes to vintage emerald cuts and unique marquise cuts - EX3Diamonds prides itself in celebrating every diamond preference that exists among its customer base. Browse our collection and find one that speaks directly to your unique love story!