Which Ring is The Engagement Ring in a Bridal Set?

Apr 6th 2024

At EX3 Diamonds, we recognize the excitement of finding an emblem to represent your love story. Bridal sets offer an exquisite solution when looking to complete their ensemble; pairing a magnificent engagement ring with its counterpart wedding band may serve to do exactly this. However, sometimes when two magnificent rings vie for attention, it may lead to confusion: Which ring is the engagement ring in a bridal set?

Deciphering the Bridal Set

A bridal set consists of an engagement ring and wedding band designed to complement one another perfectly, carefully handcrafted for wearing in harmony. Engagement rings typically represent declarations of intent to marry, often featuring an elaborate center stone symbolizing commitment. Meanwhile, wedding bands typically feature simpler designs to symbolize formal union during wedding ceremonies.

While other bridal sets come as pre-matched sets, EX3 Diamonds gives you the freedom and control to create the ideal engagement ring and pair it with a wedding band that perfectly encapsulates your personal taste. It helps you craft a bridal set that truly represents the journey of love in its entirety.

Identification of Engagement Ring: Design Cues

Let us examine some design features that often serve to distinguish an engagement ring within a bridal set:

Engagement Ring Center Stone

Engagement rings typically feature an impressive and prominent center stone, such as an eye-catching diamond or eye-catching gemstone; wedding bands often boast more subdued designs with smaller stones or simply plain metal bands as the focus point of their design.

Design Complexity

Engagement rings often boast intricately designed elements such as halos of smaller diamonds encasing their center stone, elaborate settings, or split shanks; wedding bands generally take on simpler aesthetics to complement and accompany engagement rings seamlessly.

Stunning Bridal Sets by EX3 Diamonds - A Diverse Collection for Your Special Day

EX3 Diamonds provides an expansive selection of bridal sets, each boasting a distinct appeal. Here are a few examples demonstrating this diversity among our engagement rings:

  • F/VS 1.50-Carat Halo Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set 14k Gold Lab Grown: This eye-catching set showcases an exquisite 1.50-carat center diamond set against an alluring halo of smaller diamonds fashioned in 14k gold. The wedding band features delicate accent diamonds to complement its design.
  • Certified 13.12Ct Pear Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring Set 14K Gold Lab Grown: This set's center is an alluring pear-shaped diamond boasting 13.12 carats—sure to become a focal point. Incorporating timeless elegance, its eternity wedding band offers continuous rows of sparkling diamonds for added effect.
  • 5ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Matching Wedding Ring Set 10k Gold Lab Grown: Exuding modern sophistication, this set features an eye-catching 5-carat princess cut diamond nestled within an exquisite setting. Additionally, its matching 10k gold wedding band boasts channel set detailing to perfectly compliment its 5-carat sister piece.

Beyond Tradition: Crafting Your Perfect Bridal Set

Bridal sets offer more than tradition can. At EX3 Diamonds, we give you the freedom to select an engagement ring that speaks to you while pairing it with wedding bands that reflect your aesthetic.

No matter your style preference—from classic solitaire engagement rings with delicate wedding bands to bold statement rings that capture the beginning of forever to bold statement pieces with equally eye-catching bands—our experienced gemologists are on hand to guide your selection process and find an elegant bridal set that perfectly represents all aspects of you and your relationship.

Visit EX3 Diamonds now and check out our exquisite collection of bridal sets. Let us help you select rings to symbolize your eternal love story!