Which hand engagement ring?

May 16th 2024

Since time immemorial, engagement rings have long served as symbols of love and commitment between partners, marking an exciting beginning of their marriage journey. When selecting their engagement ring(s), one often faces this important question: Which hand engagement ring belongs on?

As with love itself, choosing how to wear your engagement or wedding ring should never be reduced to simple black-or-white rules. While tradition offers some guidance in selecting an ensemble style for you and your significant other, its beauty lies in being able to express their individual love story through how their rings are worn!

The Lefthand Legacy: The Tradition of Wearing Engagement Rings on the Left Hand

In many Western countries, left-hand engagement rings have long been worn on the left ring finger as tradition dictates. This tradition dates back centuries ago when Romans believed a vein called vena amoris (Latin name for the vein of love) ran directly from this finger into their hearts; though modern science disproved such belief systems. Although modern medicine no longer supports such romantic notions.

Unsurprisingly, tradition takes an interesting twist during wedding ceremonies themselves. Engagement rings may temporarily switch hands during ceremonies to free up space on the left ring fingers for the placement of wedding bands symbolizing marital status and new family relationships. After ceremonies conclude, many choose to keep both rings on their left hand to highlight how beautiful love stories have progressed over time.

Beyond Tradition: The Evolution of Ring Stacking

Traditionally, during a wedding ceremony, engagement rings are switched with one hand so the wedding band can be placed on the left ring finger closer to the heart; thereafter both rings are usually worn on the left hand together afterwards; usually with the wedding band sitting closer to palm. Modern couples increasingly choose personalized approaches; here are a few trending styles:

Stacked Together

For an elegant combination, consider wearing your engagement and wedding band side-by-side on the left ring finger. At EX3DIAMONDS' stunning selection of Engagement Rings, you may just find what's missing; perhaps our Certified 5Ct Diamond Multi-Row Engagement Ring 14k Gold Lab Grown would make the ideal complement.

Nested Sets

Certain engagement ring designs with intricate bands can be tailored to interlock seamlessly with wedding bands for a unified and elegant appearance.

Right-Hand Afterall

Some brides opt to keep the engagement ring on their right hand after the ceremony as a symbol of continuing life as engaged couples, now extended into married life.

Comfort and Practicality: All About You

In choosing which hand to wear an engagement ring on, ultimately it comes down to personal choice and preference. Consider factors like comfort level, daily activities and cultural background when making this decision - there's no single "correct" method; rather the most beautiful expression will come from one which feels genuine for both individuals involved.

No Matter Which Hand - The Beauty Lies in the Commitment

Engagement rings have long been seen as symbols of love and commitment - an everlasting reminder that can inspire love. At EX3 Diamonds, we honour every love story by celebrating its beginning: check out our exquisite collection of Lab Grown Diamonds to find an exquisite engagement ring to signify its importance to you as partners on an extraordinary journey together. What matters more than its hand placement is representing each relationship's love!