Where to Get a Stone Set in a Ring?

Mar 19th 2024

Have you found the gemstone of your dreams - be it diamond, colored gemstones, or both!? Where to get a stone set in a ring? EX3 Diamonds has exceptional stone setting services available that can transform it into stunning jewelry for you to admire and show off. We look forward to working with you.

With Your Gem From family heirloom stones to newly acquired treasures, EX3 Diamonds' expert jewelers possess the expertise needed to set them in an attractive ring that both enhances its beauty and secures it for future use. Let our knowledgeable jewelers take you step by step through this seamless process.

Select the Perfect Setting

The first step to finding your dream ring setting is selecting one that complements perfectly with the stone of your choice. Consider factors like its cut, size, and overall style when making this selection process more informed. At EX3 Diamonds we offer an impressive variety of high-quality settings designed to fit every taste and budget!

1. Solitaire Settings

Our selection of solitaire settings features elegant platinum settings, warm 14k or 18k yellow gold settings and modern rose gold options - each one drawing attention solely to one diamond in your set.

2. Halo Settings

Halo settings create the impression of greater size and brilliance with their surrounding ring of smaller diamonds encasing a center stone, giving an impression of enhanced brilliance and size.

3. Three-Stone Settings

Representing past, present, and future in their design, three-stone settings are an enduring favorite among engagement rings and anniversary bands alike. Our collection offers classic designs featuring two accent diamonds on either side of a larger center stone as well as intricate styles adorned with gemstones - so no matter your tastes you'll be sure to find something perfect in our selection!

4. Multi-Stone Settings

For an eye-catching and memorable aesthetic, multi-stone settings offer the ideal way to showcase multiple smaller gemstones at once in an enthralling display of color and brilliance.

EX3 Diamonds Reveals the Stone Setting Process

EX3 Diamonds has long been recognized for providing world-class stone-setting services, so when entrusting us with your precious gemstone, here's an idea of what awaits you:

Expert Consultation

Our skilled gemologists will examine each stone carefully, engage in an in-depth discussion regarding your vision for its final form, and recommend the ideal setting style suited to its characteristics - guaranteeing both security and aesthetic perfection for you and your stone.

Precision Stone Setting

Our skilled jewelers use cutting-edge techniques and tools to expertly set each stone securely into its setting with great care, prioritizing both security and visual aesthetics. Each step is performed precisely.

Quality Assurance

Each ring goes through an in-depth quality control inspection conducted by our dedicated quality assurance team before being sent out for shipment, to ensure it satisfies our stringent craftsmanship and security standards.

Additional Considerations

  • Timeline: Stone setting processes typically last from two to four weeks depending on its complexity and materials availability; once we receive your stone and selected setting we can give an exact time estimate of when to expect delivery of it.
  • Shipping and Insurance: At EX3 Diamonds, we provide secure and insured shipping of your valuable jewelry pieces so that you may follow each step of their journey with peace of mind and full transparency.
  • Customization: Looking for something truly distinctive? Select settings offer customization options. Share your vision with our design team, and they'll collaborate to craft an heirloom piece designed specifically to your specifications and desires.

EX3 Diamonds Is Devoted to Making Your Ring Come True

EX3 Diamonds' passion lies in helping our clients realize the rings of their dreams, with our wide variety of high-quality settings, exceptional stone-setting services, and commitment to customer satisfaction - we are your one-stop destination for turning loose stones into stunning rings.

Check out Our Collection Online and find your ideal ring with us - from classic solitaire styles like the 1.58Ct Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Gold Lab Grown to eye-catching statement pieces such as our 6 1/2Ct Black Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Gold; there's sure to be something here that fits. We offer something suitable for every preference!