What Shape of Diamond is Most Rarely Purchased by Women?

Feb 2nd 2024

Diamonds tell their special tale, with each shape telling its unique tale. From classic round brilliants to contemporary princess cuts and everything in between - each shape expresses something different about women from around the globe who wear these precious gems to express individuality through them. But there is one diamond shape that stands apart - rarely chosen when selecting their ideal gem - this blog post will investigate this intriguing question: What shape of diamond is most rarely purchased by women?

Available Choices for Diamonds

Before discussing what shape of diamond is most rarely purchased by women, let's first familiarize ourselves with all available choices. While traditionally, round brilliant cuts have reigned supreme, due to their ability to maximize brilliance; other popular options include princess cut, emerald cut oval cut, and recently cushion cut; however one diamond form often remains on the fringe - the radiant cut.

Radiant Cut: An Unexplored Wonder

The radiant cut is a hybrid between round brilliant and princess cut with its distinctive combination of trimmed corners and vibrant rectangular or square silhouette. Developed to combine the brilliance of round cut with the contemporary flair of princess cut. But because of its unique appearance, it continues to be a silent hero of the diamond jewelry industry.

Within the past decade, lab-made diamonds have become increasingly affordable and morally sound alternatives to mined stones. Their creation in controlled environments enables precise customization of shapes - including radiant cuts that were once less popular among natural diamonds. Lab-made versions offer greater precision for these processes while natural ones do not.

Halo Diamond Engagement Rings Are on the Rise

Modern brides-to-be have made halo diamond engagement rings the popular choice in no time. In this setting, a center diamond is encompassed by semiprecious stones for an irresistible halo effect. Although round and cushion cuts are the most prevalent in this genre of settings, radiant cuts provide a unique facet that creates an added character and interest for those seeking unusual yet beautiful engagement rings.

Multi-Stone Engagement Diamond Rings

Multi-stone engagement rings provide individuals with a perfect canvas to express themselves with diamonds in multiple combinations. Due to its versatility, radiant cuts haven't seen as much use when applied in multi-stone configurations; yet its modern aesthetic makes for an eye-catching design, adding plenty of shimmer and sophistication.

Breaking the Mould: Fostering Individualism

As we know the least purchased diamond shape, it's essential to recognize that beauty is relative and individual preferences may vary considerably. While radiant cuts may be less popular among buyers, their special characteristics make an impactful statement about you and can resonate with those who appreciate its qualities. At EX3Diamonds we encourage individuals to go against tradition by finding and choosing their diamond shape of choice from among all that are offered - whatever that may mean!

EX3Diamonds - Crafting Radiance

EX3Diamonds stands as a pioneer in the world of lab-grown diamonds and takes great pride in offering an assortment of diamond shapes - such as radiant cuts. We pride ourselves on our sustainable practices, ethical conduct, customization services, and commitment to sustainability so clients may explore and personalize their diamond choices without compromise; be it for engagement rings with halo settings or multi-stone masterpieces; we specialize in crafting stones with brilliance that meet individual preferences while remaining within your budget.

Revamp of Radiance

At EX3Diamonds, we recognize the beauty in individuality by encouraging customers to browse rare and exceptional diamond shapes - because true radiance knows no borders! While radiant cuts may not be top sellers among diamond shapes, their allure remains undeniable. As more women seek uniqueness when selecting diamonds for themselves!