What order does an anniversary band go on?

Apr 18th 2024

Anniversary bands are timeless symbols of love that mark significant moments in a couple's journey together, but choosing how to wear one alongside existing wedding sets may prove challenging. But in what order does an anniversary band go on? There are no strict guidelines, however, learning about traditional customs and creative solutions could assist you in finding an anniversary band style that best represents you both and your marriage journey.

Traditional Approach for Stacking Your Wedding Set

Your anniversary bands should be worn on the left ring finger as part of a stacking order that suits their design; typically this means your left index finger. However, stacking orders may differ based on individual rings' designs:

1. For Solitaire Engagement Rings

When selecting an engagement ring with one prominent stone, stacking can become easier when placed atop it with multiple bands that feature delicate designs; such as EX3 Diamond's 1/4Ct Baguette & Round Diamond Wedding Ring Stackable Band 14k Gold Lab Grown available here.

2. For More Elaborate Engagement Rings

When wearing an elaborate engagement ring with intricate details or an impressive centre stone, wearing the anniversary band under it may offer enhanced comfort. Doing this ensures a uniform stack without the risk of its setting catching against it - which could otherwise occur over time!

Pro Tip: When stacking rings, keep in mind the metal type and bandwidth for optimal results. Selecting similar metal types and bandwidths creates an appealing aesthetic and results in a more cohesive overall presentation.

Wearing Your Anniversary Band: Finding Different Styles

Though stacking an anniversary band with your wedding set may be traditional, there are other creative approaches which allow your special ring to make its statement. Here are a few creative solutions you might like to try:

  • Alternative Placements: Tradition is only one starting point - make the ultimate decision yourself by finding other possible venues.
  • Right-Hand Ring Finger: Wearing your anniversary band on the right hand allows it to stand independently, which may make for an ideal solution if the left side feels overcrowded or if you prefer an alternative arrangement.
  • Different Finger: Break away from tradition when wearing your anniversary band; opt for any finger that feels comfortable and stylish instead. This allows for increased versatility as it lets you craft an individual, distinctive and personal style!

At its heart, your anniversary band should symbolize love and commitment between partners. Choose a style and placement that speaks to you so it serves as an ongoing symbol of your bond and represents how long-lived love truly remains.

Make a Statement with Your Anniversary Band

Opting to wear your anniversary band solo on your left ring finger can make an eye-catching statement and is best suited for striking bands that grab attention, such as EX3 Diamond's 1/2Ct Pave Diamond Open Wedding Ring 14k Gold Stackable Band Lab Grown. Doing this allows the intricate details and symbolism of the anniversary band to truly come into its own and draw all eyes upon itself.

Search Your Perfect Anniversary Band Now

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