What is the Difference Between Lab-Grown Vs. Natural Diamonds?

What is the Difference Between Lab-Grown Vs. Natural Diamonds?

Nov 23rd 2022

Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds? What’s the actual difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds? Many people have asked these questions as lab-created diamonds become more and more popular. At EX3 Diamond, we’re here to be your guide and answer all the most common questions about lab-grown vs. natural diamonds. Follow along as we break down the science – and the beautiful results – of lab-created diamonds today!

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real?

First of all, yes, lab-grown diamonds are real and are completely indistinguishable from natural diamonds because they undergo the same process. Natural diamonds are created beneath the earth’s crust when heat and pressure transform carbon into a beautiful, sparkling gemstone.

At EX3 Diamond, we do the same thing, except we use cutting-edge technology to mimic the heat and pressure of the earth on carbon in a far shorter amount of time. With lab-created diamonds, you get a real diamond in several weeks instead of a million years!

Can You Tell the Difference Between Lab-Grown & Natural Diamonds?

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The answer to this question is a little more complicated than you think. To the naked eye, and even under a microscope, lab-grown vs. natural diamonds are identical in chemical and molecular structure. The factor that generally gives away a lab-grown stone is the lack of other natural materials that contaminate the crystalized carbon materials. Every naturally created diamond will have some traces of other elements, like nitrogen or boron. Sometimes, these materials give the diamond a different shade, like yellow or blue, and actually enhance its value.

Since lab-grown vs. natural diamonds are completely under our control, we can create a stone that’s entirely pure – with no color or trace materials. But we can also introduce other elements to develop the same hues you see so rarely in nature. Lab-grown diamonds are also available with other trace elements, so you can shop for pink, yellow, blue, and even black diamonds.

What About Clarity & Cut?

With technology advancing swiftly, growing diamonds in a lab is getting more and more precise, but there is still some variation in the clarity of created diamonds – just as they exist in natural diamonds. When it comes to cutting lab-grown vs. natural diamonds, the process is typically the same. It takes an artisan of skill and vision to bring the best out in any stone. Round or Princess cut, the cutting process rarely has anything to do with whether a diamond is lab-grown or mined from the earth.

So Why Choose Lab-Grown Over Natural Diamonds?

If they’re basically the same, why would you choose a lab-grown instead of a natural diamond? Lab-grown diamonds are the better choice because they’re easier to make, so they’re more affordable. But they’re also better for the environment because we don’t need to use harmful mining practices that pollute our planet. More importantly, lab-grown diamonds are far more ethical from a humanistic standpoint because manufacturing them doesn’t require sending people into dangerous environments or harmful conditions like mining does.

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