What is the best gem shape for an engagement ring?

Jun 8th 2024

Finding an engagement ring is an exciting milestone: it symbolizes love, commitment, and the start of an amazing adventure together. Every detail from its setting to band plays its part in making your ring truly yours - but one element stands out: gem shapes reflect light brilliantly while embodying your relationship's charismatic charms. What is the best gem shape for an engagement ring?

Understanding popular options and considering key factors will enable you to choose a shape best suited to you and your fiance!

Timeless Elegance: The Allure of Popular Cuts

The Round Brilliant

It stands tall as one of the most elegant cuts. Its delicate faceting maximizes light return to create an eye-catching display of fire and sparkle that never goes out of fashion - never failing to pair beautifully with any setting; making this shape timeless yet eye-catching while remaining universally flattering; however, its price per carat may be higher compared to others.

Beyond Round

Engagement rings come in various intriguing shapes to meet every need and taste:

  • The Princess Cut: Sophisticated in design with sleek lines and sharp corners, this beautiful engagement ring exudes modern sophistication while showing excellent fire and brilliance - creating an eye-catching statement on any finger!
  • Oval-Cut: With vintage glamour in mind, an oval cut gives off an illusion of larger stones for maximum shine on a budget.

Find Your Perfect Match: Beyond The Bling

Gemstone shapes should consider more than simply their aesthetic appeal when making their selection. Here are a few essential points:

  • Personal Style: Does your partner adore classic elegance, modern minimalism, and vintage charm - whatever their chosen gemstone shape reflects their personal taste and character best! Find just the perfect pendants that reflect them with our range of pendants in the EX3Diamonds pendants collection.
  • Active Lifestyle: For partners living active lives, consider diamonds and sapphires' durability when selecting an eye-catching gem to wear every day. Both these stones boast incredible hardness that makes them suitable for daily wear.
  • Finger Flattery: The right gem shape can enhance the beauty of your partner's hand. Round and princess cuts are universally flattering, while oval and marquise cuts elongate fingers and balance wider ones. Emerald cuts, with their rectangular shape, can shorten fingers, so choose them with care.
  • Compatible Ring Settings: Your setting choice should match the gemstone shape perfectly. Halo settings featuring multiple rows of small diamonds add brilliance to round or princess cut stones while solitaire settings, featuring one focal stone, can work beautifully for most shapes.

While 3Ct Blue Sapphire Topaz Aquamarine Diamond Pendant Necklace 14k Gold Lab Grown features a stunning display of gemstones, consider the unique properties each gem offers to find the perfect fit for your forever love.

Celebrate Your Uniqueness: Find Alternative Gems

Diamond engagement rings may be traditional choices, but today there is an extensive array of gemstone options for shopping for engagement rings:

  • Sapphire: Famed for its durability, sapphire is known for its beautiful array of hues - classic blue is often one of the more sought-after alternatives.
  • Moissanite: Offering brilliance comparable to diamonds at more reasonable cost point is Moissanite gemstone.
  • Emerald: Emeralds offer an exquisite green hue and are truly gorgeous gemstones; however, their fragility means they should only be worn occasionally as daily wear jewelry.

Find Your Happily Ever After: Your Gem Shape Should Reflect It

Finding your ideal gem shape should reflect on the story of your love relationship and should include various factors from those mentioned earlier such as personal style. At EX3Diamonds we recognize our rings not as pieces of jewelry but as symbols of commitment: browse our exquisite selection of engagement rings with one of our expert guides by your side in search of an engagement ring to celebrate and commemorate it all together!