What is Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

Mar 19th 2024

As part of an engagement ring's design, its setting plays an essential role in emphasizing its beauty and reflecting personal taste. Hidden halo engagement rings have quickly gained in popularity due to their subtle elegance and intricate intricacies; at EX3 Diamonds we understand them intimately and can offer all of their details for your benefit. Therefore, this blog post will discuss “What is hidden halo engagement ring?

The Classic Appeal of Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Hidden halos differ from conventional halo settings in that instead of surrounding the center stone with smaller diamonds, they feature a band of accent diamonds hidden underneath. From a top-down view, they evoke all the classic appeal and magnificence associated with solitaire rings; but upon closer examination, their full splendor unfolds when their brilliance and intricate detailing along its profile come into full bloom.

This stunning design provides a striking blend of classical solitaire style with the allure and sparkle of an eye-catching halo design!

The Allure of Hidden Halo

Hidden halo engagement rings hold great appeal for multiple reasons:

1. Subtle Sophistication

For those who appreciate refined grace with an edge of intrigue, hidden halos provide subtle shimmer without overshadowing their center stone. Perfectly suitable for individuals seeking sophistication without going overboard on its opulence!

2. Increased Brilliance

The hidden halo enhances a ring's sparkle quotient when seen from certain angles, creating an incredible play of light around its center stone and further augmenting its brilliance.

3. Concealed Halo Design

When concealed behind another diamond setting or gemstone piece, these increase the ring's sparkle quotient considerably, especially from specific viewpoints. The addition of additional diamonds creates a mesmerizing interplay of light that only adds more brilliance.

4. Flattering Illusion

Hidden halos can create the impression of an ever larger center stone by providing it a platform to rest on, giving an increase in perceived size.

5. Versatility of Style

Hidden halo settings offer endless design versatility; from the timeless round and princess cuts, through contemporary marquise and emerald cuts, all to unique shapes like our 2 1/4ct Marquise Halo Nature Inspired Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Gold where its hidden halo complements an elongated marquise diamond beautifully.

6. Symbolic Significance

For some wearers, hidden halos represent deeper relationships; their diamond band acts as a metaphor for support and commitment that form the basis of relationships.

Selecting an Appropriate Hidden Halo Ring

Here are three key considerations when shopping for an elegant hidden halo engagement ring:

  • Center Stone: For optimal results, opt for the hidden halo setting with any center stone shape your partner prefers based on hand shape preferences and personal taste.
  • Metal Selection: When choosing the metal of a ring, its selection has an immense effect on its style. Popular options for classic yellow gold rings include polished yellow gold; refined white or rose gold options or contemporary rose gold alternatives.
  • Hidden Halo Designs: Hidden halo rings feature diverse designs for their accent diamond bands, from pave settings with petite diamonds up to micro pave or prong settings featuring slightly larger stones.
  • Personal Style: In essence, an appropriate hidden halo ring must reflect both individualism and taste on behalf of its wearer.

The Hidden Halo Engagement Rings at EX3 Diamonds

EX3 Diamonds provides an extensive selection of hidden halo engagement rings suitable for every preference and budget, from timeless classics to nature-inspired marvels - you're sure to find a piece that perfectly represents your love story here! Take our 1 1/2Ct Diamond Engagement Ring Halo Twist Band 14k Lab Grown as an example: featuring an eye-catching hidden halo intertwined with its distinctive twist band design for added contemporary allure!

At our showroom and online, our friendly and knowledgeable team welcomes visitors to check out their selection of engagement rings - you may just find one she will adore!