What is Halo Diamond Ring?

Mar 19th 2024

EX3 Diamonds understands the captivating brilliance and timeless sophistication that characterize halo diamond rings and is delighted to introduce you to their beauty with our blog post “What is halo diamond ring?” At EX3 Diamonds we understand their timeless allure and look forward to showing it to our clients.

Alluring Halo Diamond Ring

A halo diamond ring features an exquisite center stone set within an ornate setting encircled by an array of smaller diamonds arranged into an impressive halo, creating a spellbinding ambiance and amplifying its luminosity, imparting grandeur that belies its carat weight—usually decorated with pave-set diamonds for optimal brilliance.

Halo Rings Have an Enviable History

Halo rings boast an extraordinary history dating back to the Georgian era (1714-1837). Early examples often featured pearls or smaller diamonds encasing their central gemstone. After experiencing a revival during Art Deco (1920s-1930s), this design continues to catch brides' and connoisseur's imagination today as an exquisite statement piece.

Reasons to Choose a Halo Diamond Ring

Halo diamond rings have long held great appeal as an attractive, versatile option that delivers numerous advantages over time. Here are three compelling arguments supporting its adoption as part of your wedding plans:

1. Enhanced Brilliance

Diamond halos create a mesmerizing interplay of light that heightens the brilliance of central gemstones while creating a lavish appearance without exorbitant price tags. This effect adds lavishness without incurring high expenses for individual diamonds.

2. Style Versatility

Halo settings complement an array of center stone shapes, from classic round cuts and elegant oval cuts, all the way through romantic oval cuts and contemporary emerald cuts. This allows you to personalize your ring according to your taste and preferences.

3. Flattering Aesthetics

Halo rings have an aesthetic charm that complements different finger shapes beautifully. Their surrounding diamonds create the impression of lengthening fingers while adding elegance and giving wearers an aesthetic advantage.

EX3 Diamonds: Where Halo Rings Meet Perfection

Find out the timeless elegance with EX3 Diamonds' exquisite collection of halo diamond rings! Each one is an artistic creation made with only top-grade materials and expert artistry - each boasting different carat weights, center stone shapes, and luxurious metal settings to complete its luxurious appeal.

Brilliance Of Our Princess Cut

Princess Cut Brilliance Admirers Can Delight in Our Certified 3.80Ct Princess Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold. Be dazzled by its charming glow! This exquisite piece boasts a majestic princess-cut center stone set within a sparkling halo to provide timeless sophistication.

Mesmerizing Spell of Our Oval Cut

Fall under its mesmerizing spell when you wear our Certified 3.10Ct Oval Diamond Side Halo Engagement Ring in 14k Gold. Featuring an unforgettable oval center stone surrounded by delicate side halo settings for contemporary romance in your love story, our stunning design boasts breathtaking oval center stone set by hand-finished side halo settings for contemporary flair and romance in equal measure.

Final Thoughts

Check out EX3 Diamond's Collection Online Or In Our Showroom And Let Our Expert Gemologists Help Select The Ideal Halo Diamond Ring! Our expert gemologists are on hand to guide your selection process so that it embodies not only your personality but also encapsulates your love story perfectly!