What is an anniversary band?

Apr 18th 2024

Your wedding day is an auspicious and unique occasion that should be celebrated with the memories of joyful moments of love and pledging of commitment. Rings-exchanging signifies this intimate relationship, from which both partners can draw on each other an instance of such a treasure while being matrimonial partners. But, to this point, one may ask, what about after this epic event is over? - how should the journey be continued and what kind of commemorations should be arranged then. This blog post will answer the most popular query, that is: “What is an anniversary band?

Why Is The Anniversary Band so Popular?

The anniversary ring is typically the gift given on every wedding anniversary as both partners' demonstration of the loyalty and the affection which is binding them together for the rest of their lifetime shows their loving bond. Where traditional wedding bands are single columns of metal, anniversary bands are available in a wide range of styles and designs from understated elegance to intricate brilliance.

These pieces can be worn in multiple ways:

  • Stacked With Your Wedding Band: One of the most popular ways of customizing the look of your wedding ring, involves putting an anniversary band over your existing wedding ring to stylize it with a layered and refined look, reminding your partner of the way your relationship’s matured.
  • Worn alone: Some anniversary bands are refined enough to be able to stand alone as a statement of enduring love, those designed with large gemstones or intricate details will be particularly striking and power this message of long-lasting love and commitment.
  • On the Right Hand: While people put their wedding rings on their left ring fingers, some other individuals consider wearing their anniversary bands on their right hands in an attempt to show their elegance and distinction which is somewhat a less ostentatious approach.

In the end, picking an anniversary ring should neither be a science through which the right band should be located; it should be all about a piece that can constitute both your and your loved one's manifest of love.

Search EX3Diamonds For an Ideal Anniversary Band

Being aware of the importance of marking your love story, EX3Diamonds is the place to offer an outstanding collection of wedding and anniversary bands that suit the tastes and finances of everyone. Here are a few factors you should keep in mind when picking out your perfect piece:


Our selection of anniversary bands may be cast from different precious metals, namely platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold so you can customize it to fulfil your taste outlined in your current wedding band. Maybe choosing two metals can serve the aim most effectively.


Though diamonds symbolize love's everlasting nature, our selection includes other gemstones like sapphires, rubies or emeralds allowing for personalized customization of your selections.


Our wide array of jewellery encompasses subtle, refined bands to striking designs for every taste imaginable - reflecting your sense of style or making a bold statement about who you are or the message you wish to communicate.

Trending Anniversary Band Styles at EX3Diamonds

Here are some of our most sought-after anniversary band styles for some additional motivation:

  • Eternity Band: Timelessly stylish and beautiful, this timeless yet sophisticated band showcases an endless row of gemstones to represent everlasting love. Find out the delicate allure of 1/2Ct Pave Diamond Wedding Ring 14k Gold Stackable Band Lab Grown on the EX3Diamonds website.
  • The Three-Stone Band: It symbolizes the past, present and future union of two hearts as one soul. The music allows us to sing about love, which creates such an emotional connection.
  • The Halo Band: The band exhibits elegance and refined tastes, with its central diamond enhanced by fancy halos of smaller diamonds to form a stunning sculpture.

Anniversary Bands are an Expression of the Lasting Love

An anniversary band can serve as a powerful expression of your undying affection and shared journey, so at EX3Diamonds we strive to assist in finding you the ideal band to mark these special milestones. Browse through our diverse collection of 1Ct Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Ring Stackable Band 14k Gold Lab Grown today and find one that speaks directly to your heart!