What is a tennis bracelet?

Mar 8th 2024

Tennis bracelets have long been associated with timeless elegance and sophisticated style, yet beyond their undeniable beauty lies an extensive history and interesting facts surrounding these breathtaking pieces of jewelry; here at EX3 Diamonds we take great pleasure in providing exquisite tennis bracelets while sharing knowledge about their characteristics and features - so let's answer that frequently asked question, "What exactly is a tennis bracelet?"

Tennis Bracelets Are A Timeless And Modern Piece OF Jewelry

A tennis bracelet is an iconic jewelry piece featuring multiple rows of gems set symmetrically around an adjustable metal chain secured with flexible links; often these links consist of diamonds. These stones tend to have uniform size, shape, cut, and clarity characteristics for an unbroken look that looks timeless and modern alike.

Although traditionally composed solely with diamonds as its signature component, modern tennis bracelets may also incorporate other precious gems such as sapphires, rubies, or emeralds for additional personalization to this timeless design!

Origin of Name: An Event in Tennis History

History adds another fascinating layer to its cultural legacy; contrary to popular belief, however, its name was not inspired by tennis itself but by an incident at the 1987 US Open where Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet mid-match and caused a brief stoppage while searching for it; media reported this event and coined "tennis bracelet," an expression now universally recognized today.

Beyond Diamonds: Investigating Gemstone Options

EX3 Diamonds understands your desire for custom and individual pieces by offering beautiful tennis bracelets made up of various gems allowing you to express your individuality through fashion. We carry an exquisite collection of tennis bracelets showcasing them allowing for a unique expression of individual styles and identities.

  • Dream in Sapphires: Sapphire tennis bracelets bring vibrant shine to any wrist with their exquisite range of hues ranging from the serene elegance of blue to the fiery intensity of pink - each boasting its sparkle that makes the wrist shine!
  • Experience the royal allure of emeralds: With their captivating green hue and timeless beauty, emerald tennis bracelets exude royal grace and are an emblematic display of royal splendor.
  • The fiery passion of rubies: Ruby tennis bracelets symbolize love and passion - making a strong statement piece, ideal for making lasting impressions!

How to Select an Appropriate Tennis Bracelet

Once you know what a tennis bracelet is and have explored your available choices, choosing one may seem daunting. By considering some key criteria when making this selection, however, the likelihood is increased of finding something ideal that meets both your lifestyle and aesthetic criteria.

  • Gemstone Selection: As previously discussed, select a gemstone that embodies your personal aesthetic and desired statement.
  • Carat Weight: It is the total carat count and size of gems contained within a piece, which will impact its price point and appearance. With options ranging from delicate yet understated pieces to bold statement-makers depending on desired sparkle levels!
  • Metal Type: Tennis bracelets are often constructed of precious metals like platinum and 18k gold, each offering distinct advantages for bracelets. Platinum stands out with its exceptional durability and hypoallergenic properties while 18k gold comes with white, yellow, and rose tones to further personalize them for individual taste.
  • Clasp Type: Clasps play an essential part in both security and wearability, such as box clasps, hidden box clasps, or safety clasps which all offer different levels of both security and ease.

EX3 Diamonds: Your Trusted Source for Beautiful Tennis Bracelets

At EX3 Diamonds, our goal is to offer an exquisite collection of tennis bracelets featuring both ethically sourced and lab-grown diamonds as well as other stunning gemstones - whether your taste runs to classic elegance like diamond tennis bracelets or vibrant hues such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, we have something that fits! Whatever it may be for you - classic elegance or something bolder like sapphires emeralds or rubies; no matter your unique taste we have something suitable.

Check out our stunning collection, such as our 8.10Ct Diamond 27 grams Tennis Bracelet 7" Lab Grown or Certified 4 Carat TW Diamond Tennis Bracelet 18k White Gold Lab Grown. Our friendly staff would also be more than glad to assist in finding you an option that meets both your preferences and budget needs.

Visit EX3 Diamonds now and experience the timeless allure of a tennis bracelet - an accessory that adds both sophistication and sparkle to any special event!