What is a hidden halo engagement ring?

May 16th 2024

If You Are Searching for an Engaging Engagement Ring that's both Gorgeous and Enthralling, Consider the Hidden Halo design! But What is a hidden halo engagement ring? - With this innovative take on classic halo engagement rings comes an element of delightful surprise that adds extra beauty!

The Design: Halo with a Twist

Imagine a traditional halo engagement ring wherein a circle of smaller diamonds surround the centre stone in a traditional setting; now imagine this same glittery halo nestled discreetly below it to remain invisible from top-down viewing, adding its brilliance without taking away from its central theme - that's the magic of hidden halo engagement rings! Utilising pave or prong settings adds extra spark while not overshadowing its centre-stone counterpart!

Hidden Halos Provide Multiple Advantages to Couples

The hidden halo offers couples many benefits:

  • Multifaceted Sparkle: While remaining hidden from above, its multifaceted sparkle creates a captivating play of light at various angles - adding even more shimmer and dazzle to an engagement ring!
  • The Illusion of Grandeur: With its concealed halo design, hidden halos may create the impression of a larger centre stone - making an exciting surprise when looking to increase carat weight without increasing the size of the centre diamond.
  • Surprise and Intrigue: There's an exceptional element of surprise when it comes to hidden halo rings; while initially appearing classic at first glance, their secret layer of sparkle adds delightful intrigue!
  • Versatility for Every Stone: The hidden halo design works beautifully with various centre stone shapes, from timeless round and oval cuts to contemporary emerald cuts and more modern options from EX3 Diamonds' Lab Grown Diamond selection - you are sure to find your ideal centre stone here!

Personalizing Your Hidden Halo Ring: Metal, Band, and Center Stone Options

One of the hallmarks of hidden halo design lies in its flexibility. Here are a few ways you can personalize your hidden halo ring:

  • Metal Marvels: Pick from classic platinum, yellow gold or romantic rose gold metal options to suit your aesthetic and fit into any lifestyle perfectly.
  • Band Blowout: Go for something basic like a plain band for an assuming style or add extra shine with diamond pave bands or gemstone-studded designs to create something truly distinctive and one-of-a-kind!
  • Center Stone Symphony: Diamonds have long been considered an elegant choice of engagement ring. However, for something truly distinctive EX3 Diamonds offers a stunning selection of moissanite or sapphire engagement rings as well; one such gem being our 1 5/8Ct Diamond & Moissanite Cushion Halo Engagement Ring in 10k Gold which beautifully showcases this brilliant feature of their hidden halo feature.

Finding Your Ideal Ring at EX3Diamonds

In essence, finding your ideal engagement ring should reflect both your love story and personal style. Consider how hidden halo designs may alter wearability during everyday activities when selecting an engagement ring design from EX3 Diamonds' vast collection - don't be intimidated to get measured up there as well and try on various hidden halo styles until you find one that speaks to your heart!

More Than Just Sparkle: The Symbolism

While hidden halo engagement rings may offer exceptional visual appeal, we shouldn't lose sight of their true purpose as symbols of love and commitment. A hidden halo could represent hidden depths of love; each layer represents another facet. It could represent depths beyond the surface which shine brightly like diamonds when illuminated together by love's brilliance.

The Elegance of Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Hidden halo engagement rings offer an exquisite blend of classic elegance, sparkling shine and unexpected details that make an exquisite symbol for love stories of any kind. No matter if chosen for practical benefits or symbolic significance; or simply for their captivating design alone; hidden halo rings will become treasured keepsakes throughout time!

Find them today by browsing EX3 Diamond's incredible options or sharing your thoughts about this captivating design via the comment section below!