What is a Halo Diamond Engagement Ring?

Mar 14th 2024

At EX3 Diamonds, we understand the power of rings - particularly engagement rings - can create. They serve as symbols of love, commitment, and happiness throughout one's lifetime; yet with so many stunning designs out there to choose from it can feel daunting to select the perfect ring. Here at EX3 Diamonds, we're here to shed some light on halo diamond engagement ring designs that may catch your eye. But What is a halo diamond engagement ring?

Halo and Its Charm

A halo diamond engagement ring features an exquisite center stone, usually a diamond, set within an intricate circle of smaller diamonds that forms an exquisite "halo." This "halo" amplifies its brilliance by appearing larger. As such, these breathtaking rings embody elegance, sparkle, and vintage charm - creating something truly remarkable!

Beyond Brilliance: the Advantages of Halo Setting

Beyond its beauty, halo settings offer several practical advantages:

Enhanced Sparkle

When combined, surrounding diamonds create a cascade of light that amplifies the brilliance of your center diamond, providing extra eye-catching impact with smaller center stones. This feature can make even less extravagant rings even more eye-catching!


Halo settings offer the opportunity for an opulent look without breaking the bank, making them the ideal solution for those searching for a balance between style and budget.

Halo Setting Enhances Diverse Diamond Shapes

Halo settings add sparkle and depth to a range of diamond shapes, from classic rounds and radiant cuts to elegant ovals and beyond. Our collection, such as our 2Ct Cushion Halo Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Gold is full of gorgeous examples to inspire your search for something suitable.

Variety in Style

Halo settings can be designed in many different styles to allow for complete personalization - from classic romance to modern glamour can all be met in various halo designs that meet every desire!

The Halo Variations at EX3 Diamonds

At EX3 Diamonds, we believe your engagement ring should speak volumes about you and your love story. That is why we offer an impressive collection of halo engagement rings in various styles:

  • The Classic Round Halo: This timeless design showcases a round center diamond encircled by a circle of smaller diamonds for lasting elegance that never goes out of fashion.
  • Cushion Halo: This elegant setting pairs a cushion-cut center diamond with an array of accent diamonds in an alluring and romantic arrangement for an exquisite aesthetic. Check out this amazing 6 1/4Ct Cushion Pink Kunzite & Diamond Halo Ring 14k Gold Lab Grown piece; its beauty will enthrall and mesmerize you!
  • Hidden Halo: This novel design incorporates a circle of diamonds hidden beneath a center stone for added shimmer without overshadowing it as its centerpiece.

EX3 Diamonds Offers Halo Engagement Ring Solutions

At EX3 Diamonds, our goal is to assist in finding a meaningful symbol of love that expresses it all. With an expansive collection of halo engagement rings and expert guidance from our diamond specialists, EX3 will ensure your journey in selecting your ring selection matches up perfectly with its meaning for both of you. Come visit us or browse online now - there's sure to be one in there that'll leave her speechless!