What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Sep 15th 2023

Diamonds have long been associated with love, commitment, and prestige. Mined deep within Earth for generations, always been prized for their glittering brilliance and exceptional hardness. As our understanding of science advances so does our ability to produce lab-grown diamonds within controlled environments - offering an intriguing, ethical, more sustainable alternative than its mined counterpart. But can these lab-grown gemstones ever truly replace mined ones in value? In this blog post, we delve deeper into “What are Lab Grown Diamonds?”

Laboratory Grown Diamonds: A Basic Intro

What are Lab Grown Diamonds? - These are natural diamonds created using sophisticated technological methods that simulate their natural formation. Cultivation typically takes place over weeks or months in laboratories using either High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) techniques.

Under the HPHT process, carbon seeds are exposed to conditions simulating those found at Earth's core - including temperatures above 1,400 degrees and pressures exceeding 725,000 pounds per square inch. By comparison, it utilizes an intense carbon gas mixture heated at high temperatures that deposits diamonds layer by layer onto substrates.

These gems are chemically identical and possess similar physical properties as natural ones; yet are often more flawless, and available at significantly reduced costs like lab-grown diamond engagement rings!

Considerations of Ethical and Environmental Issues

One of the main attractions of lab-grown diamonds is their ethical sourcing. Traditional mining practices have often involved exploitative labor practices and environmental degradation; by contrast, lab-grown gemstones are grown under strictly controlled conditions to eliminate risk from "blood diamonds", mined during war zones then sold off to finance armed conflicts.

Environmentally speaking, these synthetic gems boast lower carbon emissions and land disturbance than their mining counterparts, providing Eco-Friendly Jewelry without compromising quality or aesthetics.

Value and Investment Potential in Real Estate

Many people ask “Are lab-grown diamonds valuable?” - These gems typically offer better value, usually 20-40% less costly than their mined counterparts of similar size, cut, and quality. Their decreased prices make them increasingly desirable among younger generations looking for cost-cutting yet high-quality options. Notably, while they possess intrinsic value due to their similar properties to natural ones, their value does not appreciate over time as mined ones do, due to lower costs and easier availability;

  • Their greater availability lessens long-term investment potential
  • They provide an appealing alternative to their mined counterparts in terms of physical and chemical properties
  • They are often outshone by higher quality; carry ethical and environmental responsibility benefits
  • They offer incredible worth as durable jewelry options with lasting beauty compared to mined stones alone.


Q1. How Can I Tell the Difference between Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds?

A1. Lab-grown gems can often be difficult to distinguish from their natural counterparts without special equipment; professional gemologists require trained eyes in order to make this distinction based on minute features that distinguish laboratory varieties from natural varieties.

Q2. Are lab-grown diamonds eco-friendly?

A2. Although they require energy for production, their carbon footprint tends to be smaller compared to mined ones and thus makes a better sustainable option for eco-conscious buyers.

Q3. Do lab-grown diamonds last as long as their natural counterparts?

A3. Yes, they share all the same physical and chemical characteristics found in natural ones - from hardness to their unique brilliance - with proper care, they should last forever.

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