What are lab diamonds called?

Sep 12th 2023

EX3 Diamond often receives inquiries regarding the quality differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds, and their allure and sparkle. No matter whether it is the geological history behind natural gemstones that fascinates or lab-grown ones that appeal to you; both offer options that meet both ethical and technological specifications that suit individual values and preferences. In this blog post, we will answer any of your queries regarding quality comparison, such as, what are lab diamonds called. and "Which one should I choose; lab-grown or natural?"

What are Lab Diamonds?

Before diving into terminology, it is vitally important to grasp what are lab diamonds called. These are real gemstones produced under laboratory conditions using advanced technologies like High Pressure High Temperature or Chemical Vapor Deposition; unlike natural ones which take millions of years to form within Earth itself.

Names for Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab diamonds can often be confused with synthetic diamonds; however, they should not be seen as fake; their chemical, optical, and physical characteristics match those of their natural counterparts exactly. The term synthetic can often be misleading. Lab-grown gems should not be thought of as artificial; rather they mimic nature perfectly by mimicking it chemically, optically, and physically - not that synthetic implies anything other than that!

An Advantage From An Ethical Perspective

Lab-grown diamonds offer many benefits over natural ones when it comes to ethical production. Where natural gems may come from conflict zones or be mined without regard for human rights concerns, lab-created diamonds are produced under tight control in an ethical environment - providing more socially responsible options for consumers looking for them.

How Can Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds Compare in Quality?

Lab-grown gems can rival or even surpass natural ones in terms of quality. Thanks to advances in technology, they can now be created with fewer inclusions and higher color grades; furthermore, they can even produce rare shapes and sizes not found naturally - though buyers might appreciate natural gems' special geological markings that have formed over millions of years, giving each stone its own individual appeal.

Lab-grown gems provide consumers with ethical values and an opportunity to own stones that reflect modern values of social and environmental responsibility, providing more options in shapes, sizes, and flawless appearances like our ethical diamond jewelry. They often surpass natural ones!

Which Diamond Is Best: A Comprehensive Review

“Which diamond is better lab-grown or natural?” ultimately comes down to your personal preferences. If ethical sourcing and lower price points are high on your list of considerations, lab-grown ones could be perfect; otherwise, natural gems could offer millennia-long formation and uniqueness that appeal to you more. No matter the source, both lab-grown and natural gems offer remarkable durability, brilliance, and beauty that can last throughout one's lifetime.


Q1. Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?

A1. Absolutely, they are real gems with similar chemical composition, physical properties, and optical characteristics to natural ones - with only minor distinctions related to origin.

Q2. How should I care for a laboratory-grown diamond?

A2. Care instructions for lab-grown gems follow those for natural ones; they should be cleaned frequently and stored separately to avoid scratches on other jewelry pieces. You can either do it yourself with warm water and mild dish soap or have them professionally cleaned.

Q3. Do lab-grown diamonds retain their value?

A3. Diamonds should never be treated as investments; however, they tend to cost 20-40% less than natural ones and their resale values remain unclear; Nevertheless, due to their quality and durability, they make an invaluable possession.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the "right" diamond for you is highly subjective and highly individualistic. Each type offers distinct advantages to buyers; your selection between lab-grown and natural will ultimately depend upon factors including ethical concerns, preferences for quality and budget constraints.

At EX3 Diamond, our commitment is to helping you make an informed decision that brings years of joy and brilliance. No matter if it is a lab-grown or natural gem, we are sure that no matter which choice is made will bring lasting brilliance and splendor! Feel free to reach out for a personalized consultation, if you want to know more about what are lab diamonds called!