Three-stone engagement ring

Mar 30th 2024

Engagement rings featuring three stones have long held great symbolic value to couples and EX3 Diamonds honors their lasting appeal by offering an impressive selection of Three-stone engagement rings created from mined and ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds. Whether your preference lies with classic diamond engagement rings or colorful gems blended - EX3 has just what's necessary for eternal love to flourish!

Legacy with Roots in Tradition

Three-stone engagement rings date back centuries; evidence can even be found in ancient Roman culture. Though their exact origin remains elusive, some speculate they were inspired by Christian belief in a Holy Trinity, or perhaps represent past, present, and future stages in a relationship.

In the 18th century, engagement rings experienced an extraordinary surge in popularity among European nobility. Queen Victoria's engagement ring, featuring an exquisite sapphire flanked by diamonds, became iconic. Her design secured it a permanent place in history.

Symbolism Wove with Meaning

Three-stone engagement rings hold timeless allure for many couples because of the deeply symbolic interpretations often associated with them:

  • Past, Present, and Future: These stones symbolize a couple's journey together through happy memories from the past, the joys of present relationships, and mutual aspirations for what's to come in future relationships.
  • Love, Commitment, and Eternity: Each stone represents one aspect of love - from passion-sparking first encounters through unwavering commitment that cements bonds to its promise that endures through eternity.
  • Friendship, Respect, and Trust: These three stones symbolize the foundations of any successful relationship: strong and abiding friendship, mutual respect, and complete trust between all involved.

Your three-stone engagement ring holds immense personal meaning for both of you; whether its purpose is reflecting shared values, commemorating an unforgettable memory, or simply speaking directly to each heart it serves as an indelible sign of everlasting affection and commitment between two partners.

EX3 Diamonds Offers Custom Design Solutions

At EX3 Diamonds, we understand the engagement ring you choose should reflect your unique love story and the many design possibilities it affords your tastes and style preferences. That is why we have carefully curated a selection of three-stone engagement rings that offer distinct design possibilities to complement every unique love journey - here is just a taster:

The Classic Trio

For lovers of timeless elegance, our three stone rings feature certified diamond center stones flanked by two smaller diamonds - such as our certified 2.33ct lab-grown diamond engagement ring with a 14k white gold lab-grown setting that puts its brilliance center stage.

Gemstone Symphony

Add some vibrancy and shine to your ring by choosing an eye-catching gemstone as its center stone, such as sapphires which symbolize loyalty and faithfulness - they make an exquisite alternative! Consider our Certified Diamond and Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring set in 14k Gold Lab Grown as an exquisite example.

The Mix and Match Marvel

Add flair and personality to your ring by mixing and matching various diamond cuts for an eye-catching geometric play. A radiant cut center stone combined with princess-cut side stones creates the ideal setting.

Apart from offering numerous design options, we also provide various settings and lab-grown engagement rings to further personalize your ring - classic prong settings for maximum sparkle or modern bezel settings for vintage charm are among our many settings available for customization. Pick your metal type from platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold so we can complete your vision of perfection!

Beyond Design: EX3 Diamonds' Advantage

EX3 Diamonds takes great pride in our commitment to more than beautiful designs - ethical sourcing and transparency are of equal importance, offering lab-grown diamonds designed to match mined diamonds' brilliance while minimizing environmental impact. Each diamond we provide comes certified by a reputable gemological institute to guarantee its quality and authenticity.

Our knowledgeable team is passionate about assisting in your ring selection process and finding you a three-stone engagement ring that embodies your love story perfectly. With competitive pricing, outstanding customer service, and stress-free purchasing experiences available at all our stores, our goal is to make this engagement ring journey enjoyable!