The Different Cuts and Styles of Lab-Made Diamond Rings

The Different Cuts and Styles of Lab-Made Diamond Rings

Sep 4th 2023

Lab-grown diamond rings have quickly become an attractive option for engagement and wedding rings, providing an eco-friendly alternative to mined stones. A hallmark of lab-grown rings is the variety of cuts and styles available - In this blog post, we explore The Different Cuts and Styles of Lab-Made Diamond Rings and those options so you can select one that speaks to your personal aesthetic and taste.

Classic Round Cut

This timeless and popular choice in lab-grown gem rings is the classic round cut, distinguished by its brilliant, circular form with 57 to 58 facets designed to maximize sparkle and fire in its diamond. Its versatility means it complements any setting or style for those seeking a timeless yet elegant round diamond engagement ring.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is one of the most highly desired lab-grown stone shapes. Characterized by an oval or square base with pointed corners and sharp, clean lines that boast exceptional brilliance, it makes an eye-catching statement piece perfect for modern and glamorous settings; from solitaire rings to halo designs of princess diamonds!

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Emerald Cut

For those who seek something with more of a vintage-inspired aesthetic, an emerald diamond makes an excellent statement piece. Known for its elegant appearance and distinctive play of light properties, the emerald cut pairs beautifully with both classic and vintage-themed settings.

Oval Cut

An oval-cut gemstone offers the elegance and brilliance of its round counterpart in an eye-catching yet distinctive shape, creating the illusion of longer fingers while giving off exceptional sparkle. Oval diamonds work great as solitaires or in three-stone settings alike.

Pear Cut

It is also referred to as teardrop or drop-shaped cut, making an elegant choice for those seeking romance and uniqueness in their engagement rings. Distinguished by a round end tapering toward its point like the tail end of a teardrop shape. This graceful appearance draws many of those searching for unique rings into consideration when selecting this style of engagement ring.

Marquise Cut

A marquise gemstone stands out with its signature boat-shaped profile and pointed ends, designed to amplify and maximize the size of its stone, appearing larger than other cuts of similar carat weight. Perfect for those wanting an eye-catching and distinctive ring from their lab-grown diamond collection!

Heart Cut

A heart cut is the ultimate symbol of love and romance, representing two individuals' commitment and shared feelings for one another. Easily customizable in various settings with accent stones for extra shimmer, this cut adds romance and emotion.

Asscher Cut

An Asscher diamond ring is an iconic and timeless choice in lab-grown diamond jewelry, featuring a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners that resemble that of a cushion or pillow. This cut's soft romantic appearance and brilliance enhancer facets make this cut suitable for vintage-style and halo settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can lab-grown diamonds be found in all the cuts and styles mentioned here?

A1. Yes, they come in various styles and cuts that meet any personal style or preference, from classic round and princess cuts to emerald shapes, pear shapes, and so forth. You have ample choices when it comes to lab-grown diamonds to suit whatever fits into your life best!

Q2. How do lab-grown diamond prices depend upon cut and style choices?

A2. Prices may depend upon factors like the cut, carat weight, color, and clarity of each diamond in its composition. More intricate cuts or larger carat weights tend to bring higher costs; however, lab-grown options often represent better value when considering quality and style considerations.

Q3. Can a lab-grown diamond ring be customized with specific cuts and styles?

A3. Yes, many jewelers and retailers provide customization services. You can work closely with one of these experts to find exactly the cut, style, and setting to meet your vision and preferences - creating something truly one-of-a-kind to reflect both you and your love story!

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