Rings with multi-colored stones

Mar 30th 2024

Diamonds may be the ultimate symbol of love and passion, but sometimes women desire more vibrant hues on their fingers than just diamonds can provide. Rings with multi-colored stones offer a delightful alternative to the more common diamond solitaires; at EX3 Diamonds we understand their allure and have carefully assembled an eye-catching selection that speaks directly to your unique sense of style.

Beyond the Rainbow: Gemstone Options

Multi-stone rings offer unique beauty. While diamond-centric rings may remain timeless classics, multi-stone rings break free from being limited by only one hue: from fiery rubies and sapphires to the serene elegance of emeralds and aquamarines; all colors of gemstones become your canvas! Here is just an insight into our vibrant range of options at EX3:

Timeless Sophistication

Exude timeless sophistication with an amalgam of diamonds and colored gemstones, such as sapphires or emeralds surrounding your sparkling diamond center stone in an eye-catching ring surrounded by sapphires or emeralds to create captivating light plays and hues that radiate across its surfaces. This combination appeals to those who embrace tradition while wanting their pieces to have some added personal flair.

Birthstone Delight

Add something truly meaningful and personal to a loved one's birthday celebration by selecting from our selection of birthstone rings adorned with their birthstone, from delicate blush-hued Morganite (ideal for June birthday celebrants) to fiery Garnet (ideal for January birthday celebrants). These pieces make thoughtful presents while commemorating precious milestones with heartfelt sentimentality and significance.

Rainbow Brilliance

Express yourself creatively with an eye-catcher of vibrant hues with an eye-catching cluster ring showcasing various gemstones including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts to make an eye-catching statement with every movement! Perfect for bold individuals seeking an expressive style.

Check out Certified 1.45Ct Platinum Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Lab Grown Size 8 at EX3 Diamonds!

Contemporary Chic

For an eye-catching modern touch, geometric multi-stone rings may be just what the doctor ordered. These designs usually showcase gemstones arranged in clean lines and geometric forms for an impressive and sleek aesthetic that suits today's tastes.

Remember, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg; with multi-stone rings, your options for expression are truly limitless and allow you to showcase your personality through every vibrant detail.

Master the Art of Pairing: Select Your Multi-Stone Ring

Selecting an ideal multi-stone ring may seem overwhelming; here are a few helpful guidelines to make the selection process less tedious:

  • Determine Your Taste: Understanding your preferred style can make searching more efficient, as you are sure that each ring purchased fits seamlessly with the unique characteristics and persona that define who you are.
  • Color Symbolism: Gemstones have distinct symbolic significances; for instance, emeralds represent new beginnings and love while rubies symbolize passion and strength. Choosing gemstones that hold personal meaning adds depth and emotion to a piece.
  • Be Aware of Metal Choices: Your choice of metal has an enormous effect on its aesthetic appeal and overall allure; platinum emits contemporary coolness while yellow gold radiates vintage appeal; rose gold adds romantic grace, while budget-minded silver can serve as an economical option.
  • Consider Practicality: Select rings according to your lifestyle. For active lives, sturdy settings with resilient gemstones such as sapphires or rubies would likely fare better as delicate cluster rings may not withstand rigorous wear and tear as easily.

At EX3 Diamonds, we provide an expansive selection of metals and settings to complement the gems that best suit you. Our Certified 6.10Ct Round Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring Lab Grown (H-I, SI) is one of its type! Additionally, our skilled artisans can tailor a piece specifically to match your vision for each gemstone purchase.

EX3 Diamonds' Dedication to Excellence

EX3 Diamonds' philosophy is simple - every ring should reflect perfection. That is why our experts carefully select top-tier gemstones with unrivaled brilliance and longevity for you to select, before precision cutting to unlock all its fire and sparkle.

Additionally, our collection of lab-grown diamonds offers sustainable options and ethics-minded buyers a choice. Our 1 1/2Ct Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring 14k Gold Lab Grown boasts the innate brilliance that mined diamonds do but with significantly less environmental footprint. Our skilled craftsmen adhere to the highest artistic standards when creating exquisite settings to showcase the stunning gemstones you select.

Let Your Colors Shine with EX3 Diamonds

Rings with multi-colored stones provide an engaging opportunity for self-expression, filling the eye with color and light. At EX3 Diamonds, our commitment is helping you find a ring that perfectly expresses who you are - whether online or at one of our showrooms - browse our extensive collection to embark on an inspiring voyage of color and brilliance!