Multi Stone Ring Designs

Mar 30th 2024

EX3 Diamonds recognizes rings as vibrant symphonies of sparkling beauty - something diamond solitaires simply cannot do! Our multi stone ring designs with their captivating array of gemstones provide an eye-catching alternative. Perfect for everyday wear or as birthstone tributes, multi-stone rings add personality and vibrancy to any jewelry collection.

Multi-Stone Ring Designs Are Prolific

At EX3 Diamonds, we offer an exceptional collection of multi-stone rings; each piece a work of luminosity and color. Here are some of our most-wanted designs to spark your imagination:

The Cluster Rings

Elegant yet timeless, the cluster ring showcases an irresistibly captivating pattern of colorful gems nestled close together, weaving an entrancing tapestry of hue and brilliance. This design allows a wide array of shapes and sizes - ideal for showing off birthstones or complementary hues like those seen here - in its composition - think an emerald-studded cluster ring surrounded by sapphires dancing against its surface as its central stone while diamonds sparkle against its backdrop - perfectly embodying springtime elegance!

The Halo Rings

Experience the captivating allure of halo rings: central stones are encircled by an array of smaller gems to magnify their brilliance; this style gives even modest gems greater luminescence. EX3 Diamonds offers mesmerizing multi-stone halo rings such as 1 1/2ct Marquise Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 14k Gold Lab Grown featuring an eye-catching Morganite center stone surrounded by shimmering diamonds to exude soft romanticism; perfect for those drawn to whimsical elegance!

A Three-Stone Ring

Representing past, present, and future with equal significance, three-stone rings make an emotional and meaningful choice. Our collection offers stunning three-stone rings made up of various gemstone combinations; for an aesthetically pleasing design choose one featuring a central diamond flanked by two beautiful emeralds to symbolize love, growth, and prosperity.

Eternity Band

Representing eternal love and commitment, eternity bands are popular choices among wedding and anniversary ring customers. Our selection of multi-stone eternity bands features an endless row of stunning gems in various hues; imagine one featuring sparkling sapphires and diamonds to represent lasting faithfulness and everlasting romance!

Art Deco Ring

Step back in time with our charming Art Deco rings, designed to transport you back into the glamorous glory of the Art Deco era. Characterized by bold geometric designs and multi-stone settings, our captivating Art Deco pieces make stunning statement pieces! Search out one adorned with an eye-catching emerald framed by two elegant baguette diamonds for an eye-catching and luxurious finish piece - guaranteed to draw everyone's eye and become part of any conversation piece or collection!

Customization Options: Tailoring Your Multi-Stone Ring Experience

Multi-stone rings offer great flexibility to reflect individual tastes. When searching at EX3 Diamonds for your multi-stone ring, take into consideration these factors to add your stamp:

Gemstone Selection

With so many gemstone options at your fingertips, personalization possibilities are virtually limitless. Consider your favorite colors or birthstones or consider the symbolic meaning behind certain stones for inspiration when making this selection. For an extravagant touch consider an extravagant piece such as an alexandrite opal ring!

Metal Preference

EX3 Diamonds offers multi-stone rings in timeless yellow gold, elegant rose gold, and contemporary white gold to enhance its overall appearance. Rose gold pairs perfectly with warmer-toned gems such as Morganite or pink sapphires while white gold emphasizes colorless diamonds' brilliance. Check out our Certified 2 1/2Ct Oval Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Rose Gold Lab Grown!

Shape and Size Consideration

Gemstone shapes and sizes play a vital part in shaping the aesthetic of a ring's appearance. Round and princess cuts offer classic brilliance while pear and marquise cuts exude refinement and are often chosen. When considering sizes relative to finger size and desired impact impact. At EX3 Diamonds our expert gemologists can guide you in selecting just the right combination of shapes and sizes that reflect both your hand size as well as personal taste seamlessly.

EX3 Diamonds Are Your Gateway to Multi-Stone Magnificence

At EX3 Diamonds, our focus is creating exceptional jewelry pieces to reflect your individuality and style. Our multi-stone rings are expertly hand-crafted using ethically sourced gemstones and lab-grown diamonds - providing both beauty and sustainability!

Step inside EX3 Diamonds today and find your perfect multi-stone ring! Whether it be something spectacular, symbolic of birth month honoring, or as an act of affection and tokening eternal loyalty - EX3 Diamonds offers them all! Peruse our remarkable collection and let your inner beauty illuminate the path ahead!