Lab-Made Diamond vs. Mined Diamond: Making an Informed Choice for Your Wedding Jewelry

Lab-Made Diamond vs. Mined Diamond: Making an Informed Choice for Your Wedding Jewelry

Sep 8th 2023

Diamonds have long been considered symbols of eternal love and commitment; therefore they've long been used in wedding jewelry designs to represent these values. But with environmental considerations increasing, lab-made diamonds have recently emerged as an attractive sustainable option, alongside traditionally mined ones. Both options have their own advantages; what sets one apart from another and can a professional even tell? With this guide's aim of helping make informed choices regarding wedding jewelry procurement, this should make for an easier decision-making process.

Origin: From Earth or Laboratory?

One key difference between mined and lab-made diamonds lies in their source. Natural ones are formed under intense heat and pressure deep within Earth's core over billions of years while man-made or synthetic ones are produced within controlled environments using high-pressure high temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition methods; creating them usually takes only weeks!

As our collective awareness of environmental responsibility increases, so does the popularity of lab-made gems. Mined stones often leave behind significant environmental footprints including deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions; lab-made gems offer more eco-friendly alternatives as production takes place on less land with reduced carbon emissions.

The Four Cs of Diamond Grading

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat (4Cs), diamonds can offer many of the same options when it comes to lab-made or mined ones. Thanks to advanced technologies available today, lab-made gems can now be created at an exceptional quality, often equalling or surpassing that of their mined counterparts. Check out the beautiful collection of Tennis Bracelets!

Keep in mind, though, that not all lab-made gems are cheaper than mined ones; high-quality synthetic diamonds with excellent cut, color, and clarity may cost as much. Always consult certified gemological labs before purchasing either type of gem for assurance of receiving what you pay for in quality - lab or mined one.

Lab-Made Diamond vs. Mined Diamond Making an Informed

Can A Professional Tell the Differences?

Questions frequently arise over whether professionals can distinguish between lab-made and mined gems, with gemologists generally being able to distinguish the two through professional equipment and analysis techniques. While to the naked eye, they appear almost identical, gemologists can use specialized equipment and pinpoint microscopic inclusions or trace elements that distinguish one from the other by performing spectroscopic analysis on them both.

Price and Resale Value Analysis

Lab-made diamonds tend to be cheaper than mined ones by up to 30-40%, making them an affordable option if budget constraints are a consideration. However, lab-made stones tend to have lower resale values compared to mined stones.


Selecting between lab-made or mined gems comes down to personal choice, ethical considerations, and budgetary restraint. Both options offer stunning beauty and long-lasting quality making either option suitable as wedding jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are Lab-grown diamonds considered real diamonds?

A1. Yes, they are real ones with identical chemical and physical properties to mined stones, unlike their simulants like cubic zirconia which only resemble diamonds in appearance.

Q2. Is it easier to source ethical lab-made diamonds compared to mined ones?

A2. Laboratory-produced stones tend to be seen as more ethically sourced due to the absence of environmental degradation or labor issues associated with mined ones, although it's always wise to verify their source prior to purchasing one from any lab. When purchasing lab-created stones it's imperative that inquire as to their practices before buying.

Q3. Are lab-grown diamonds worth their value?

A3. Lab-made diamonds often offer lower resale values compared to mined ones, offering initial cost savings but may not be suitable as long-term investments.

Final Thoughts

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