Is moissanite as good as a diamond?

Jul 9th 2024

Diamonds have traditionally been considered a go-to gemstone when selecting engagement rings and fine jewellery pieces due to their unmistakable association with love and commitment. Recently, however, another stunning option - moissanite - has entered the marketplace boasting amazing properties at reduced costs, leaving many wondering: Is moissanite as good as a diamond?

No simple answer exists between diamond and moissanite as both stones possess unique attributes that make them appealing choices. To assist your decision process, let's discuss each stone further; and its characteristics such as origins, durability, brilliance and ethical concerns!

Diamonds versus Moissanite

Diamonds may either be mined from the earth or synthesized artificially in laboratories, with both methods producing gem-quality diamonds with superior hardness (ten Mohs scale) brilliance, and rainbow colour flashes - features associated with luxury, tradition and everlasting love - traits shared with Moissanite!

Contrary to popular belief, moissanite does not occur naturally but must be carefully handcrafted by artisans under controlled laboratory conditions. Though more delicate than diamond (9.25 on the Mohs scale), moissanite offers superior brilliance and exceptional fire, often showing its rainbow of colours more vividly!

Comparing Diamonds and Moissanite

So, Is moissanite as good as a diamond? Let's find out!

1. Durability

Diamond is undisputedly the hardest natural material on Earth, making it extremely scratch- and chip-resistant. Moissanite ranks just behind diamonds on the Mohs scale - providing enough durability for daily wear-and-tear resistance; making moissanite an excellent option when considering engagement rings or any piece which needs frequent wearing such as bracelets and rings.

2. Brilliance and Fire

Moissanite's higher refractive index makes for exceptional brilliance, creating captivating displays of fiery colours that rival those found in diamonds. Cut quality also plays a significant role in optimizing diamond brilliance; properly cut diamonds may match up against moissanite's brilliance in terms of brilliance.

3. Price

The real power of moissanite lies in its unbeatably attractive cost; comparable-sized and-quality stones of this quality typically cost significantly less than diamonds, making moissanite an appealing alternative for those searching for larger gems at more budget-conscious rates.

4. Ethics

Ethical concerns surrounding mined diamonds, particularly environmental destruction and social unrest, have become an increasing priority for consumers. Lab-grown diamonds and moissanite provide consumers with conflict-free options; giving peace of mind knowing their gemstone was created using ethical processes.

Choosing between Diamond or Moissanite: Which Will Work Best

Decision-making between diamond and moissanite comes down to what matters to you most - consider what matters the most when making this important choice.

  • Brilliance: Moissanite may offer vibrant hues and maximum sparkle, making it a suitable option for anyone seeking maximum brilliance and vivid hues. A well-cut diamond will still deliver breathtaking brilliance though!
  • Durability and Budget Considerations: Both diamonds and moissanite offer remarkable durability that makes them suitable for everyday wear, yet moissanite has greater cost advantages over comparable-size and quality diamonds - this may make their choice easier for budget-minded buyers.
  • Ethics: If ethical sourcing is of key concern to you, lab-grown diamonds or moissanite present an option with zero conflicts involved - ideal sourcing options!

In choosing either diamonds or moissanite rings, cut quality plays an essential part. A stone that has been expertly cut will maximize its brilliance and sparkle for an eye-catching display of light performance that truly dazzles its spectator.

The Bottom Line

Is moissanite as good as a diamond? - Be mindful that there's no absolute "better" choice when selecting between diamonds and moissanite; take your priorities, conduct extensive research, and select a gemstone that best embodies your style and values before selecting EX3Diamonds as your partner in finding it!

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