Is a solitaire diamond more expensive?

May 4th 2024

Solitaire diamonds have long captivated admirers due to their distinctive beauty and shimmery sparkle; representing everlasting love and commitment for generations. When it comes to pricing, however, Is a solitaire diamond more expensive? - Not necessarily - depending on numerous factors involved.

At EX3 Diamonds, our top priority is diamond education and transparency. This blog post will guide you through the complex world of pricing diamonds compared to popular styles such as solitaire diamonds!

Solitaire Cards Are Unique Charmers

Solitaire diamond rings feature one mesmerizing stone set on its band, letting its brilliance sparkle freely. Their minimalism draws focus to four key factors that determine value - cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight (known as 4Cs).

Solitaire diamonds of greater quality typically command higher prices; for instance, our Certified 6Ct Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold Lab Grown from EX3 Diamonds offers breathtaking beauty while remaining within budget and preference restrictions. At EX3 Diamonds we provide various carat weight options and cuts so we have something suitable for every budget and taste!

The Appeal of Cluster Rings and Alternatives

Cluster rings feature multiple smaller diamonds clustered together into an attractive ensemble, offering greater overall surface area at potentially less cost compared to solitaire rings of similar size.

At the same time, however, it's essential to evaluate each stone individually in a cluster ring - though their combined effect may create an eye-catching display, their cut, clarity and colour may not compare with that of a solo solitaire diamond.

At EX3 Diamonds, we offer an exquisite collection of cluster rings designed to offer both sparkle and quality; for those seeking an eye-catching piece with undeniable luxury, a larger solitaire diamond makes an exceptional statement piece.

Move Beyond Carat Weight to Understand the 4Cs

An understanding of the 4Cs can be vital when purchasing either a solitaire or cluster ring; here's an easy breakdown:

How Proportions and Angles Affect Brilliance and Fire

Cut refers to the proportions and angles of a diamond which directly impacts its brilliance and fire. An expertly cut diamond will maximize light reflection for maximum sparkle - something an amateur cannot achieve with cut gemstones!

The Presence of Inclusions and Blemishes

Clarity describes a diamond's presence of internal flaws (inclusions) and external blemishes on its surface. Flawless diamonds with internal imperfections such as inclusions are extremely rare and expensive, though those with slight inclusions still exude exceptional beauty at more reasonable price points.

Diamond Color Grading and Why It Matters

Diamonds should, ideally, display colourlessness (graded D-F on the GIA scale); however, near-colourless diamonds (graded G-J) can still appear dazzling to the naked eye and offer a more appealing price proposition.

Carat Weight and the Four Cs of Cascadian Diamonds

Simply defined, carat weight refers to the diamond's weight in grams - one carat equaling 0.2 grams. While larger diamonds tend to command higher prices, for optimal value it's vitally important to consider all four Cs of Cascadian diamonds: carat, cut clarity and colour.

At EX3 Diamonds, we provide detailed specifications and certifications of every diamond we stock to enable you to make an informed choice that best matches both your budget and preferences.

The True Value: Lab-Grown Diamonds

Pricing diamonds depends heavily upon whether they're natural or lab-grown. Lab-grown stones possessing identical physical and chemical characteristics as mined diamonds but grown under controlled environments may prove more eco-friendly and economical options than their mined counterparts.

EX3 Diamonds specializes in exquisite lab-grown diamonds that enable you to enjoy all the brilliance and sparkle of a solitaire or cluster without compromising ethical sourcing or value. Check out our collection, such as this Certified 10.00CT Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k Gold Lab Grown that epitomizes their alluring beauty at an economical price point.

Find Your Ideal Diamond

At its heart, choosing between solitaire and cluster rings depends entirely on personal taste and financial circumstances. A solitaire diamond stands as an elegant statement piece; whereas cluster rings may offer stunning displays at potentially lower costs.

The Bottom Line

At EX3 Diamonds, we offer an expansive collection of solitaire and cluster rings featuring both natural and lab-grown diamonds, from solitaire rings like our 2.18Ct 14k White Gold Certified Lab Grown Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring to rings featuring distinctive cuts that speak to you personally and meet all of your style needs and preferences. We look forward to assisting you with finding that perfect diamond!