Is a solitaire diamond a real diamond?

Feb 17th 2024

Solitaire diamonds often conjure images of glittering engagement rings as symbols of eternal love and dedication - yet what defines a solitaire diamond and does its presence represent its authenticity? Let's dive deep into this topic of solitaires to reveal their mysteries while answering this burning question: Is a Solitaire diamond a real diamond?

Solitaire: A Setting, Not a Gem

At its core, "solitaire" refers to the setting rather than to its jewel. Solitaire settings gracefully display one diamond mounted onto an elegant band for showcase purposes - perfect for accommodating various sizes, shapes, and qualities of diamonds!

Solitaire diamonds unquestionably qualify as genuine stones, going through all the same processes of extraction, cutting, and polishing that apply to other diamonds. But their existence alone does not ensure their caliber or authenticity.

The Hallmarks of Genuine Diamonds

To ascertain whether a diamond is genuine, take note of these indicators:

  1. Gemological Evaluation: Reputable gemological institutions such as GIA or EGL provide detailed reports containing 4C information such as cut, color, clarity, and carat weight that provide proof of authenticity while offering valuable insights for informed decision-making.
  2. Diamond Grading Criteria: For optimal diamond value and quality, select diamonds graded on established scales such as the GIA D-Z color scale or I1-Flawless clarity scale. High grades indicate greater quality and value.
  3. Provenance: For maximum ethical purchasing power and peace of mind, look for diamonds sourced from sources approved by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

EX3Diamonds' Commit to Authenticity

At EX3Diamonds, we understand the significance of transparency and confidence for our patrons. That is why all diamonds purchased in our collection come solely from conflict-free origins with detailed gemological reports available upon request from each diamond in our selection. Our focus lies on equipping patrons with knowledge while offering genuine diamonds that meet discerning standards - just what our patrons deserve from EX3Diamonds!

Expanding Horizons: Accepting Diamond Diversity

Is a Solitaire diamond a real diamond?Is a Solitaire diamond a real diamond? - Although solitaire settings hold timeless allure, diamonds can also be displayed in myriad styles that appeal to diverse tastes and preferences. Here are a few captivating alternatives:

  • Halo Rings: Encasing your center stone with smaller diamond halo stones creates the appearance of grandeur while amplifying its brilliance and visual impact.
  • Three-Stone Rings: Representing the past, present, and future of any relationship, these rings feature three diamonds arranged sequentially that symbolize its past, present, and future - thus exuding sentimentality.
  • Signet Rings: Boasting an elegant flat surface decorated with an engraved design or gemstone embellishment, signet rings are timeless in both elegance and versatility.
  • Solitaire Diamond Wedding Rings: Mark your love with one of our exquisite selection of solitaire wedding rings featuring diamonds of various shapes and sizes to complement your style and celebration!
  • Solitaire Women's Sweetheart Signet Heart Ring: This exquisite piece showcases an eye-catching gemstone in the form of a heart, set within an ornate solitaire setting to serve as a powerful sign of affection and devotion between lovers.

Knowledge Is Power When Selecting Diamonds

No matter whether your preference lies with the classic allure of a solitaire setting or more daring alternatives, informed choices will lead to lasting satisfaction. By familiarizing yourself with each diamond's attributes and verifying authenticity, it will reflect authentically your love and devotion to its chosen gem.

At EX3Diamonds, our goal is to arm you with all of the knowledge and tools to make informed choices when purchasing diamonds. So begin your diamond adventure today by visiting our website!