Is a Solitaire a Real Diamond?

Mar 14th 2024

Solitaire diamond rings have long held our hearts captive with their breathtaking sparkle, fire, and elegance; yet with the rise of lab-grown gemstones like lab-grown diamonds and other gemstones such as cubic zirconias posing as diamond alternatives to real ones a question arises as to whether "Is a solitaire a real diamond?" At EX3 Diamonds, we understand the significance of clarity when selecting an engagement ring!

A Solitaire is a Design, Not a Type of Diamond

"Solitaire" actually refers to both its setting and contents - not just diamonds within it - rather than just one gem within. A piece featuring one prominent gemstone - for instance, a diamond, sapphire, or any other jewel that captures your eye - can be known as a solitaire setting.

EX3 Diamonds provides an exceptional collection of solitaire engagement rings featuring both mined and lab-grown diamonds, like our exquisite 2.18Ct 14k White Gold Certified Lab Grown Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring which showcases its magnificent marquise cut stone perfectly set within an intricate white gold band.

Real Diamonds in Solitaire Setting

EX3 Diamonds provides solitaire rings made with ethically sourced stones to those who appreciate their heritage and natural beauty, perfect for celebrating generations-old love stories through diamonds. EX3's collection boasts diamonds that boast both brilliance and fire as symbols of affection between couples - providing customers with timeless symbols of commitment that come back time after time.

One such ring is our 14k White Gold Emerald Cut Solitaire Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring, which boasts an exquisite emerald cut diamond known for its elegant lines and timeless appeal.

Lab-Grown Diamonds as an Ethical Option

Synthetic gems represent an attractive alternative to mined stones. While both possess the same physical and chemical characteristics resulting in similar brilliance and sparkle, lab-grown varieties differ due to being created under controlled environmental conditions making them a more sustainable and ethical option.

EX3 Diamonds provides a stunning collection of solitaire engagement rings featuring lab-grown diamonds. One such ring is our 5.29Ct Two Tone Certified Lab Grown Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring; boasting an elegant princess cut diamond set into an eye-catching two-tone band for modern flair and added contemporary appeal.

How Can You Select an Appropriate Solitaire Gem

At EX3 Diamonds, our goal is to find you a solitaire ring that embodies both your style and values. No matter if it is a classic mined diamond or a stunning lab-grown gem; whatever is important is finding you an exquisite setting designed specifically to bring them alive!

Keep these factors in mind when purchasing a solitaire ring:

  • Diamond Cut: The cut of a diamond is a key point as it can affect the glow and the beauty of a diamond.
  • Metal: Solitaire settings typically feature either white gold, yellow gold, or platinum metals - take into consideration your desired style when choosing one to best complement the diamond!
  • Budget: Solitaire rings can fit within almost every budget thanks to a range of diamond sizes and qualities available, enabling you to select one with beauty that doesn't compromise.

Experienced staff from EX3 Diamonds will guide you through the exciting world of solitaire engagement rings. Visit our website or schedule an appointment at our showroom to find a symbol that speaks of love for yourself!