How to wear a bridal ring set?

Mar 8th 2024

Your EX3 Diamond bridal ring set marks an exciting chapter in life: its debut. Beyond their emotional significance, these rings also allow you to express yourself creatively by showing your taste and preferences - whether this be traditions and cultures that influence its use or perhaps simply how your individual story unfolds through wearer preference. This blog post will discuss how to wear a bridal ring set!

Bridal Ring Sets

Bridal ring sets typically combine an engagement ring that symbolizes your promise of marriage with a wedding band that signifies actual union. Although you have the choice between wearing them separately or together as one cohesive set. While predesigned sets exist where both pieces blend harmoniously into one, customized ones allow more creative freedom for brides.

Tradition vs. Modern Approaches

Wedding bands have traditionally been worn "closest to the heart," on the left ring finger of the left hand under an engagement ring - this custom dates back to ancient Rome when Romans believed a vein running along this finger led directly to their heart! While this tradition remains popular today, couples increasingly opt for personalized approaches when selecting their bands and finding all available options when purchasing or customizing one for themselves. Depending upon personal taste and available materials. Nonetheless,

Here are a few ways the EX3 Diamonds bridal set can be worn:

1. The Classic Stack

This traditional approach involves placing the wedding band closest to your palm first and layering an engagement ring over it to form an attractive visual stack, keeping its "heart close." EX3 offers an assortment of lab-made diamond rings - classic plain bands as well as intricately designed bands - making finding your ideal fit easier!

2. Reverse Stack

For something unique and eye-catching, why not opt for wearing your engagement ring under your wedding band instead of on top? This approach may allow for better support of certain styles or simply reflect personal taste as the wedding band takes center stage!

3. Wearing Them Separately

Some brides prefer to wear their engagement and wedding bands on separate fingers due to personal style preferences, comfort levels, or cultural traditions. You could either alternate wearing both rings on different hands, or you can just switch hands between wearing each of them!

4. Add Additional Rings

For those who like making an impression with their rings, EX3 offers an incredible collection of promise rings, eternity bands, and stackable rings that can add personal flair and commemorate key milestones in your love story.

5. Soldering Together

Soldering is an irreversible method that involves joining both an engagement ring and wedding band into one piece for an elegant unified look; though this solution offers security and protection from future misfortune, care must be taken when considering this decision as its effects cannot be reversed later on.

Beyond Traditions

How to wear a bridal ring set? - There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to wearing your bridal set - the important thing is finding what feels most comfortable for both of you as couples and reflecting their personalities in some way. Here are a few more factors you might wish to keep in mind:

  • To ensure a pleasant wearing experience and avoid irritating or restricting movement, rings should be designed to be comfortably worn throughout your daily activities without causing irritation or restricting mobility.
  • When making this selection for an active lifestyle, take into consideration its durability and practicality in terms of both durability and practicality.
  • Select an ensemble that complements each other visually while reflecting your styles.

Final Thoughts

Your EX3 Diamonds bridal set rings represent your love story: embrace its freedom of expression by choosing pieces that bring special meaning to yourself. Visit EX3 Diamonds now to browse through our exquisite collection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry pieces to create the ideal bridal set!

At EX3, we celebrate love in all its forms; let us help you find pieces that perfectly embody it to celebrate it as we see it!