How To Clean Lab Grown Diamonds?

How To Clean Lab Grown Diamonds?

Dec 1st 2023

Diamond lovers have now found a new alternative to traditionally mined diamonds. Due to this, they love to use and wear lab-grown diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are famous because of their ecological and controlled ways of creation. But like mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds require proper cleaning to shine fully. If you’re also using these diamonds and feeling confused about how to clean lab-grown diamonds. Knowing the right way can help you maintain the beauty of your diamonds efficiently.

6 Simple Steps To Know: How To Clean Lab-Grown Diamonds?

The following are the main steps to clean your lab-made diamonds.

Essential Tools/Materials:

First, you must ensure you have the essential tools or materials for cleaning the lab-growing diamonds. Ensure you have an excellent mild detergent, clean, spare clothes, a soft-bristle brush or a particular brush for cleaning jewelry, properly warmed water, etc.

Prepare The Cleaning Solution:

Second, it is essential to prepare the cleaning agent. You can do that by using a small bowl, adding the mild detergent, and mixing it with the adequately warmed water. But make sure you don’t use any potent agent that can lead to scratches or destroy the surface of your diamonds.

Dip The Diamond:

Third, properly dip the lab-grown diamonds in the cleaning solution. You can let them dip in the content for 20-25 minutes. This will help clean the diamonds and remove all the debris, chemicals, etc. Round shaped Lab Grown Diamonds are also becoming popular choices for couples.

Scour Carefully:

Fourth, after removing the diamonds from the cleaning solution, you need to clean them with the help of a soft-bristled brush or a particular jewelry brush to remove the debris and dust from the front and back of the diamonds and from areas where rough stains are not getting removed. But make sure you don’t put much pressure on the diamonds as it can leave scratches on them.

Wash It Rigorously:

Fifth, you must wash the diamonds carefully with clean, warm water to remove the soapy content from all over them. The dirt or soapy content can make the shine of your diamonds weak and dull. Use a spare and clean cloth to dry the diamonds completely. But don’t use a rough towel or tissue paper to dry the diamonds. Because it will make the surface of the diamond rough or scratchy.

Proper Examination Of Lab Diamonds:

Sixth, you need to know that you can clean your diamonds by yourself but if you detect any slight scratch or dullness in their shine, make sure to visit a professional jeweler and ask his recommendation on this matter to ensure the longevity of these diamonds. You should also try Oval Lab Grown Diamonds for gifting them to your loved ones.

Final Words:

To sum up, how to clean lab-grown diamonds? You need to follow the six main steps mentioned in this guide. To ensure the shine and beauty of the diamonds. Because you can only maintain the beauty of lab grown diamonds if you clean them occasionally.