How to add a halo to engagement ring?

May 16th 2024

Does Your Engagement Ring Feel Plain? Perhaps halo engagement rings have always captivated your eye, or they have simply grown on you over time - either way, the idea of adding one might have you intrigued; How to add a halo to engagement ring?

Before making this bold leap into altering something so precious to you let's discuss some key steps and considerations before we jump headfirst into modifying this symbol of love!

Assess Your Ring: Suitability for Halo Transformation

Transforming a ring into one with a halo isn't something everyone needs to consider at once; here are a few key points you need to bear in mind before undertaking this transformation:

  • Metal Matters: Your choice of metal for your ring plays a critical role. Platinum and gold tend to be more malleable and easier to work with than harder metals like titanium; EX3 Diamonds' experienced jewellers can assess your specific piece to provide tailored advice regarding modifications that could improve it further.
  • Setting Carefully: Your centre stone's setting should also be given serious thought since basket or bezel settings could impose limitations when adding a halo whereas prong settings offer greater versatility and freedom for customization.
  • Design Harmony: When purchasing your ring, take time to consider its overall design. Does the addition of a halo match its aesthetics, or does any part clash? Various ring styles might clash when combined - make sure the final result feels cohesive for best results.

Consultation Is Key When Modifying Engagement Rings

Consulting with an expert jeweller before altering an engagement ring is necessary, therefore EX3 Diamonds offers its talented artisans for this service. Our skilled artisans will:

  • Assess Feasibility: Our experts will carefully consider your ring to ascertain if adding a halo is structurally feasible.
  • Design Consultations: They can guide you through an assortment of design choices - such as halo size and shape options as well as diamond types and setting styles - that may fit best with your desired ring design.
  • Cost and Timeline Estimate: They'll offer an upfront cost estimate and timetable for the modification process.

Halo Options Galore: Finding Your Dream Design

Once the feasibility has been assessed, the fun begins - choosing your ideal halo design! Here are a few eye-catching styles to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Halo Shape Exciting: Traditional round halos have long been beloved symbols of femininity; cushion or square halos add a modern flourish.
  • Setting Style Symphony: Pave settings feature hundreds of small diamonds arranged concentrically around their centre stone for an eye-catching halo effect, while shared prong settings create more discreet arrangements of gems for an understated and simplistic aesthetic.
  • Decisions on Diamonds: Select your halo diamond size and quality carefully from EX3 Diamonds' extensive collection of lab-grown diamonds for the ideal sparkle in your ring.

Transformation Process of Ring to Halo Masterpiece

The exact steps involved with adding a halo vary slightly depending on which jeweller you consult, but here is an outline:

  • Cancelling Center Stone: If necessary to create the halo setting, some jewellers might opt to temporarily take out or temporarily set aside the centre stone as part of this step.
  • Halo Setting Creation: Your jeweller will craft the halo setting so it seamlessly integrates with the current ring you wear.
  • Securing the Gemstone: When installing and securing the gemstone in its new setting, care must be taken in setting and attaching its newly designed halo.
  • Polishing & Perfection: Each ring is carefully polished and inspected to guarantee an unblemished finish.

Living the Halo Dream with EX3Diamonds

Customizing and personalizing your engagement ring by adding a halo can be an exciting way to show how much love you share. Aside from adding something truly distinctive, personalization offers the added advantage of reflecting changing styles over time - though remember there is no single right answer!

EX3 Diamonds celebrates love in all its forms and invites you to check out our exquisite selection of Lab Grown Diamonds, such as breathtaking Halo Engagement Rings like our 1 5/8Ct Diamond & Moissanite Cushion Halo Engagement Ring in 10k Gold.

At the end of the day, this decision lies with you both as a couple. Listen to what feels meaningful for both of you when considering whether to pursue or reject the "halo dream"!