How Much is a 2-carat Lab-grown Diamond?

Jan 17th 2024

The attractiveness of a shiny 2-carat diamond is undebatable – love, promise, and posh. The Lab-grown diamonds world shows an ethical and environmentally conscious alternative, providing the same sparkle without being expensive. But the question is: How much is a 2-carat lab-grown diamond?

The Value of 4 Cs

1. Cut

The cut of a diamond has an essential part in its brilliance. For EX3 Diamonds, the objective is to provide spectacular cuts such as stunning rounds and peerless emeralds for optimum brilliance.

2. Color

Diamonds are classified according to scale of color from D-Z, whereas those with the slightest hues can be eye-catching and more economical. The color preference is relative, which implies that you can select what touches your heart.

3. Clarity

Small defects or flaws reduce the brilliance of a diamond. Varying clarity options, ranging from FL to very slightly included (VS1 or VS2), offer impressive choices in terms of differentiation according to their value.

4. Carat Weight

While a poorly cut diamond may be larger than 2 carats, one that has been well-cut can provide more sparkle. With the increase in carat weight, prices also rise.

The Lab-Grown Advantage

Lab-grown diamonds mimic the natural formation process and have all the characteristics of mined stones. These synthetic diamonds are ten to twenty-five percent less than their natural counterparts.

Pricing Insights

The cost of a 2-carat lab-grown diamond can be anything from $2,000 to over $10,000 (again depending on cut color clarity and the carats). For instance, a 2-carat F-color VS1 clarity round brilliant diamond cut excellently is more valued than a G-color SI1 emerald with a good cut.

Picking the Right Lab-Grown Diamond

Selecting the ideal lab-grown Diamond is a thrilling yet complex process. However, the sheer variety of options often makes decision-making a difficult undertaking.

1. Define Your Budget

  • Set a realistic price depending on what you are able and willing to spend.
  • A 2-carat diamond grown in the lab in lower color and clarity could still have amazing beauty that gives excellent value for money.

2. Prioritize the 4 Cs

  • The value of diamonds is determined by four Cs: cut, color carat weight, and clarity.
  • Break down your budget, based on personal preference but with the major elements of reduction, coloration, and clearness in mind.

3. Explore Different Cuts

  • Each lab-grown diamond comes with a different cut, which has an inimitability characteristic shine and style.
  • Cut research such as round brilliant, princess emerald, and cushion to find one that fits your taste and the desired ring design.

4. Consider Your Ring Style

  • If you have an ideal model of a ring in mind, then think about the size of its center diamond and also consider its setting style.
  • The expenses may vary because of the size and complexity of the settings for diamonds.

5. Seek Expert Guidance

  • Seek advice from seasoned jewelers or diamond lab-grown consultants.
  • Get to know the market, learn grading standards or simply ask for guidance about choosing a perfect diamond that meets your needs and budget.

EX3 Diamonds: Your Sparkling Destination

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