How Much is a 2.17-carat Diamond Worth?

Jan 17th 2024

The best choice for any type of jewelry such as engagement rings is diamonds. They are appreciated because of their unchanging value and appearance. In contrast, calculating the price of a diamond involves long and complicated calculations that consider carat weight in addition to cut point total color clarity level and polish thickness. But the question is: How much is a 2.17-carat diamond worth?

Carat Weight: The Diamond's Size

Carat weight can be considered to be a benchmark measure for measuring the size of diamonds, as 1 car is equal to one-fifth gram. A 2.17-carat diamond is big, which means that it varies from medium to large sizes. When carat weight increases, so does the rarity and demand of diamonds increasing overall diamond value.

Cut: Crafting Brilliance through Precision

The shape of a diamond determines its brightness, shine, and general appeal. A quality cut makes for effective light reflection and a stunning flame. The desirable cuts of the stone include round, princess, ovals, emeralds, and cushions that add to its beauty.

Color: Grading the Gem's Hue

The color of the diamond is evaluated on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (lightest yellow nuance). Although colorless diamonds are appreciated for their worth, those having light yellow or slightly brown shades may offer pleasant and cheap options.

Clarity: Unveiling Imperfections Within

It means that there are no inclusion blemishes visible in the diamond. According to the GIA grading system, clarity refers to 11 levels in total from Flawless (FL) through Included (I3). Perfect diamonds signify absolute purity, whilst Included stones have visible defects.

Polish and Symmetry: Refining Beauty to Perfection

Features such as polish and symmetry are integral components that make up the brilliance of diamonds and enhance their appearance. These features improve the stone’s aesthetic appeal, thereby influencing its worth.

Price Category for a 2.17-carat Diamond

How much is a 2.17-carat diamond worth? The price of a diamond varies widely for each combination made from weight, cut color clarity, and polish. On a larger circle, the price can vary between $10,000 and more than $60,000.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: Sustainable and Low-cost Alternative

Laboratory-made diamonds replicate their mined counterparts in all respects except being manufactured under controlled lab conditions. This process does not have an environmental footprint that comes with mining diamonds naturally and, therefore, this is a better alternative option.

EX3 Diamonds: A Renowned Center of Excellence in Quality Diamonds

EX3 Diamonds focuses on the provision of quality diamonds at affordable pricing. This selection ranges from 2.17-carat diamonds, even containing mined and lab-grown options to satisfy various needs as well as pockets of different sizes.

Given that personal style, a preferred setting, skin-complementing color, Excellent grades, and higher grade brilliance are all important factors to take into consideration when choosing diamonds like 2.17-carat oval lab-grown diamonds. This choice involves the matching of diamond characteristics to personal taste and spending limits.

Consulting with an Expert Gemologist

To get accurate advice on how to select the best 2.17-carat diamond, consulting a qualified gemologist is advisable. Their knowledge provides an individual approach to the assessment of preferences, which results in adapted recommendations.

A two-carat diamond’s worth is defined by its complicated interplay of several contributing factors which include weight, cut, color, clarity, and polish. While pricing options may differ, the key to success is matching what an individual likes and can afford. With responsible deliberation and skilled advice, the perfect diamond worth a whopping 2.17 carats is achieved to be an investment that will last until eternity!