How much is a 14k gold tennis bracelet worth?

Apr 25th 2024

The timeless charm of tennis bracelets lies in their graceful simplicity and captivating sparkle; yet when it comes to procuring this signature piece of jewellery there remains one key question: How much is a 14k gold tennis bracelet worth?

Answers can take different forms; much like the bracelet itself. Price plays an essential part in selecting and purchasing 14k gold tennis bracelets; understanding its effect and influences can enable an informed choice that meets both budgetary needs and aesthetic preferences.

Finding the Value: Factors Impacting Price for 14k Gold Tennis Bracelet

At EX3 Diamonds, customer trust and transparency are top priorities. Here is a breakdown of some key influencing factors on pricing:

Diamond Attributes

At the core of every tennis bracelet lies its diamonds. Their size carat weight, cut, clarity and color have an immense influence over price; typically larger or higher-grade diamonds command premium prices.

  • Carat Weight (ct): In terms of carats (ct), total diamond weight equates directly with its value; thus a bracelet boasting more total carat weight will inevitably incur more cost.
  • Cut: The cut delineates each facet, creating its brilliant sparkle and brilliance. A perfectly cut diamond maximizes light reflection for mesmerizing sparkle - popular cuts for tennis bracelets include round, princess and emerald cuts.
  • Clarity: Clarity refers to both internal flaws and surface blemishes of diamonds, both internal as well as those with more inclusions available at an economical cost. Flawless diamonds or Internally Flawless (IF) diamonds are extremely rare and costly while those containing more inclusions offer a more economically friendly option.
  • Colour Grading Scale for Diamonds: Diamonds are graded on a colour scale from D to Z depending on their hue; colourless diamonds tend to fetch higher prices while having even just a slight yellow tint makes the bracelet more accessible for everyone.

Gold Weight

The amount of 14k gold utilized in the bracelet also influences its cost; heavier bracelets usually incur higher bills.

Design and Craftsmanship

While traditional tennis bracelets typically boast linear designs, variations may include intricate clasps or unique settings that increase cost due to the additional craftsmanship required for making.

Brand and Retail Markup

Additionally, brand reputation and retailer markup may impact the final price, reflecting factors beyond those inherent to the bracelet itself.

EX3 Diamonds' Stunning Collection of 14k Gold Tennis Bracelets

EX3 Diamonds has an exquisite collection of 14k gold tennis bracelets available that cater to various preferences and budgets, as shown by these examples that show pricing variations:

Please keep in mind that these prices are just estimates and that any specific bracelet could vary in terms of design specifications and cost.

Beyond Price Tag: Value and Assurance at EX3 Diamonds

EX3 Diamonds puts affordability, value, and assurance first. Each 14k gold tennis bracelet displays exquisite diamonds that were ethically sourced and expertly handcrafted - providing our clients with peace of mind!

Find your perfect pair with ease through our extensive collection on our website! Our intuitive filters enable you to tailor your search based on carat weight, diamond quality, budget, and more - plus our knowledgeable team is on standby ready to answer any queries that arise!