Does a tennis bracelet cost?

Apr 25th 2024

Tennis bracelets have long been recognized for symbolically representing refinement and sophistication. Adorned with sparkling gemstones - often diamonds - tennis bracelets exude classic allure. However, when considering purchasing one for themselves the question arises as to its price: "Does a tennis bracelet cost?"

Unfortunately, there's no simple answer; the price of a tennis bracelet depends on a range of variables that determine its overall cost. Here at EX3 Diamonds, we pride ourselves on transparency and education. This blog post will explain each factor impacting its cost to equip ourselves with all of the knowledge we need for informed decision-making!

The Diamond Code: Carat Weight and Quality

Tennis bracelets feature diamonds as their centre gemstone. Their prices depend on four components known as Cut Color Clarity Carat Weight which determines size as well as price; naturally larger diamonds command higher prices.

Among our impressive selection of tennis bracelets is the Platinum Certified 8.10Ct Diamond 27 grams Tennis Bracelet 7" Lab Grown. Boasting over 8 carats worth of diamonds, this bracelet stands out as being truly remarkable, befitting its price.

Carat weight alone does not determine a bracelet's value; the other four elements also play a part. Cutting optimizes light reflection for exceptional sparkle; higher clarity grades mean fewer inclusions or imperfections and thus greater brilliance; colourless diamonds without discernible colour tints can often command greater worth than their coloured counterparts.

At EX3 Diamonds, our collection is carefully curated with exceptional quality in mind. For instance, our Certified 4ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet 14K White Gold 7" Lab Grown is an outstanding example. Boasting 4 carats of lab-grown diamonds selected based on cut clarity and near-colourless hue, it makes an eye-catching display at an appealing price point.

The Foundation of Luxury: Metal Matters

A tennis bracelet's price can depend heavily on its choice of metal. Popular options for selecting this element of luxury include platinum, white gold and yellow gold - each providing unique advantages that influence its costs differently. Platinum stands out as being very durable while remaining hypoallergenic while white gold provides more affordable alternatives reminiscent of platinum's aesthetic qualities while yellow gold exudes warmth while remaining budget friendly.

Beyond the Basics: Considerations in Design and Brand

While fundamental factors will have an enormous effect on pricing, additional variables also contribute. Such considerations as design complexity, inclusion of additional stones or brand reputation all play an integral part.

At EX3 Diamonds, our priority is providing exceptional value while upholding high-quality standards. By sourcing ethically and directly, we minimize markups so you can buy remarkable pieces at an attractive price point.

Understanding the Range: Prices Catered to Every Dream

Tennis bracelet prices range widely, spanning anywhere from several thousand to hundreds or even millions. Here is an outline:

  • Entry-level diamond Engagement Rings Cost Between $2,000 & $5,000 (Usually offering smaller diamonds with lower carat weight or alternative metal options)
  • Mid-Range Diamond Rings Can Range Between $5,000 - $20K (Offering the perfect blend between carat weight, diamond quality and metal selection)
  • High-end can cost between $20,000 and above (Featuring diamonds with exceptional qualities and weight; frequently set in platinum settings)

Important to keep in mind is that these costs represent approximate estimates; final costs depend entirely on your desired bracelet's characteristics and specifications.

Find Your Perfect Match At EX3Diamonds

At EX3 Diamonds, we understand the appeal and challenge of finding your ideal tennis bracelets, both financially and aesthetically. With an expansive collection that spans tastes and budget points, we aim to help find you your ideal piece! Our comprehensive collection includes something suitable for every taste & price point - make an appointment and find yours now.

Browse our exclusive collection, featuring both mined and lab-grown diamonds set with precision in platinum, white gold, or yellow gold settings. Our commitment to transparency allows you to compare specifications for informed decision-making!