Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Age Well?

Nov 2nd 2023

Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Age Well

Lab-grown diamonds are a safe alternative to naturally mined diamonds. If you want to buy eco-friendly diamonds, then lab-grown diamonds are the right choice. The making of the lab diamonds is done in a safe and controlled environment. Where the slightest mistake during the manufacturing procedure can be controlled easily.

The primary method used to make lab-grown diamonds is laser technology or cutting corners of the diamond technology. But it is crucial to know do lab-grown diamonds age well. This will help you choose the right type of jewelry for yourself.

Essential Factors To Consider To Know: Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Age Well?

Before completely immersing ourselves in knowing do lab-grown diamonds age well, you should know a little about lab-grown diamonds. Lab diamonds are similar to naturally mined diamonds in various ways. Lab and naturally mined diamonds are made up of carbon atoms organized in a crystal lattice structure. Which helps form the typical cubic design of a diamond. Through this atomic structure, a diamond can provide a shiny and stunning look.

5 Aspects To Prevent The Aging Of A Diamond:

The following are the main aspects you must consider. As they can lead to the aging of the diamond if you neglect them. Whether it is a naturally mined or lab-grown diamond.

  • Hardness Of Diamond:

The first aspect of do lab-grown diamonds age well is that a diamond is made up of solid material. And due to its hardness, it is protected from wear and tear. That’s why you can maintain a luxurious appearance by wearing jewelry made up of diamonds.

  • Cutting Of Diamond:

The second aspect is that lab diamonds are made by cutting diamond technology or with the help of laser technology. If the quality of this procedure is good, it can provide lasting quality to the diamond. But if this procedure is done carelessly, it can affect the durability and beauty of the diamond.

  • Clarity Procedure:

The third aspect is a particular procedure in manufacturing a diamond. In which the rough particles and impurities are removed from the diamond both externally and internally. If your diamond has impurities in high quantity, then it can affect the beauty and appearance of the diamond. But if the impurities are less, then it can provide a durable and lasting diamond appearance and shine.

  • Diamond Colors:

The fourth aspect in do lab-grown diamonds age well is the diamond colors. There are different colors of diamonds used nowadays. But the most charming and liked by the people is colorless diamonds. Because the light can be easily transferred from it, the refraction procedure is also straightforward.

  • Proper Cleaning:

The fifth aspect is that proper cleaning occasionally plays a considerable role in making your diamonds prominent and shiny. If you don’t take care of your diamonds and neglect their maintenance. It can lead to the aging of the diamonds.

3 Alarming Factors Leading To Diamond Aging:

It is crucial to know that alab-made diamond holds the same qualities as a naturally mined diamond. However, different factors can affect the quality of a diamond and lead to diamond aging.

  • Dirty Environment:

The first factor that can cause diamond aging is the exposure of the elegant diamond to the external environment. Keeping the diamond in places where there is too much light, heat, and chemicals. When a person wears diamond rings, bracelets, and other jewelry. It is not easy to remove the jewelry repeatedly to complete different tasks. The dust and dirt from the environment can also lead to the aging of the diamond.

  • Strong Materials:

The second factor is that lab-grown diamonds are much stronger than naturally mined diamonds. In case of any contact with rough materials, they can suppress the damage quickly. Still, if the diamond comes into contact repeatedly with things that can cause scratches on the diamond’s surface. It can lead to the aging of the diamond. Don’t forget to check out halo Diamond engagement rings for your special day.

  • Disarrangement Of The Facets:

The third factor is that if the facets are not properly arranged in a diamond. Due to any technical issue or any accidental aspect, then these factors can also lead to diamond aging. Also, if the diamond pieces in any jewelry are not placed appropriately. And carefully mispositioned diamonds can affect the durability of a lab-grown diamond.

To cover the topic of do lab-grown diamonds age well. It is essential to know that lab diamonds are made of solid materials. And you can use them for a long time. But proper protection against external factors, the environment, carefully positioning the diamond into the jewelry, etc. Are critical steps that a diamond user must follow to ensure the disturbance-free use of their fabulous diamonds. The multi stone engagement diamond ring is also becoming trendy for engagement occasions.