Do Lab Diamonds Lose Their Sparkle?

Nov 2nd 2023

Do Lab Diamonds Lose Their Sparkle?

When it comes to the special occasions of one’s life. It is mainly considered incomplete without a diamond ring or other diamond-made jewelry. One crucial type of diamond gaining popularity among people for weddings and engagement parties is a lab-grown diamond.

Lab diamonds are safe, environment-friendly, and budget-friendly and provide a natural look just like the mined diamonds. You can create ethical diamond jewelry with lab-grown diamonds. But before making a purchase, people often want to know do lab diamonds lose their sparkle. Because they’re going to gift it to their loved ones, and it needs to provide proper sparkle durably.

A Simple Answer For Your Query: Do Lab Diamonds Lose Their Sparkle?

If you want to know, do lab diamonds lose their sparkle? Then, it is essential to understand what makes a lab-grown diamond special. The authenticity of a diamond is verified through its ability to reflect and refract light. The following are the main steps that contribute equally to providing sparkle to the diamond.

  • Excellency, In Cutting The Diamond:

The first step affecting the sparkle of the diamond is its cutting procedure. A diamond is cut with the help of different incredible steps. It is essential to do all the steps carefully. Firstly, the design or planning for the diamond cutting is done. Then, by removing the impurities from the diamond and cutting it into various trim pieces. The procedure of girdling and faceting of a diamond is done. It is then polished to obtain a shiny look. If this procedure is done improperly, then it can lead to a low sparkle of a diamond.

  • The Colour Of The Diamond:

The second step is that the colour of a diamond also matters for the bright shine of a diamond. There are different colours available in a diamond. The most lavishing diamond is a colourless diamond. Because it can reflect light freely and can easily be refracted without facing any obstacles. If you choose any other colour for your diamond jewelry. It can provide you with sparkle but not as bright as a colourless diamond can.

  • Diamond Clarity:

The third step is that there are various impurities in the internal (inclusions) and external (blemishes) areas of a diamond. Less impurities provide seamless shine and sparkle, but more impurities lead to dull and less shiny diamonds.

  • The Weight Of The Carat:

The fourth important step is choosing the weight of the carat of a diamond. The dimensions or bulkiness of a lab diamond also affects its quality and ability to reflect and refract light.

4 Factors Affecting The Quality Of A Lab Diamond:

It is crucial to know that both naturally mined and lab-grown are made from materials. That do not lose their sparkle over time. However, various external factors can affect the brightness of a diamond.

  • Debris And Pollution:

The first factor that can make your diamond dull and less sparkly is the pollution and debris from the environment. During the completion of daily routine tasks, there are various things that a person has to do. And cannot take off the ring or jewelry made from diamonds. These daily tasks can lead to reducing the shine of your lab diamond. You must clean your diamond-made jewellery after a specific time to extend its longevity.

  • Delicate:

The second factor in do lab diamonds lose their sparkle is that diamonds are very delicate and require proper care. Any carelessness and contact with harsh materials can lead to scratches on the surface of your diamonds. Which can affect the sparkle of your lab diamond. You must be extra vigilant while wearing your diamond ring or other jewelry.

  • Disordered Facets:

The third factor is if the facets are disordered in lab created diamonds due to any neglected workmanship. Or any other damage, it can affect the quality and brightness of a diamond, making it less sparkly.

  • Placement:

The fourth factor is the placement of a diamond in any jewellery plays a vital role in making it sparkly. If the placement procedure is not done carefully and the diamond is placed irregularly. It cannot provide proper shine from a lab diamond.

To conclude, do lab diamonds lose their sparkle? It’s important to check different factors in establishing lab diamonds and the factors that can affect their quality over time. Because all of these factors contribute equally to making a lab diamond sparkle durably or reduce its shine. If you’re planning to buy lab diamonds for your special events. Then, make sure to maintain them for the best shine and appearance.