Do lab diamonds lose clarity?

Oct 25th 2023

Do lab diamonds lose clarity?Lab-made diamonds are as shiny as natural diamonds. They do not lose clarity in the process of creation, as UPHT and CVD are the safest methods to create lab-made diamonds.

Lab-made diamonds do not lose clarity. Their colour becomes more shiny because the chamber in which they are put is heated, and its temperature gets high.

Clarity-Free Diamonds Demand More Cost

The best-grade diamonds demand high cost in the market, and lab-made jewellery, as well as engagement rings, are found to be high cost as compared to natural diamonds. Most people inquire if lab diamonds lose clarity because lab-made jewellery is always at a high price. Good diamond demands high-quality grade and cut.

Grading of Lab Diamonds

Lab diamonds, also branded as man-made diamonds or artificial diamonds, are becoming popular due to their conscientious and eco-friendly advantages over mined diamonds. Lab diamonds are moulded in a laboratory under a skilful environment. So, lab-grown diamonds are often more affordable and devour a higher clarity grade than mined diamonds.

The Most Important Factor To Consider

One of the most imperative factors to ponder when selecting a diamond is its clarity. Clarity mentions the number and type of inclusions in a diamond. Inclusions are minute imperfections that can occur during the formation of a diamond. The least inclusions are the advanced diamond's clarity grade. Diamond stackable rings demand more clarity for the formation.

Can Lab Diamonds Lose Clarity?

Conferring, do lab diamonds lose clarity? The quick answer is no. Lab diamonds cannot lose clarity over time. They have the same physical and chemical belongings as mined diamonds.

Minor Effects on The Appearance of Diamonds

There are limited things that can make a lab diamond look cloudy or dull. One is contact with harsh chemicals. For example, if you fresh your lab diamond jewellery with harsh chemicals, it could harm the shallowness of the diamond and make its appearance cloudy. This point is important to discuss because the majority of people ask about do lab diamonds lose clarity.

Reason Why Do Lab Diamonds Lose Clarity

The thing that can make a lab diamond appearance cloudy is dirt and grime. If you are not clean your lab diamond jewellery repeatedly, it can be covered in dirt and oil, which can make it look cloudy.

Pondering the topic, do lab diamonds lose clarity? Here are some tips to make your lab neat and clean.

The finest way to keep your lab diamond pure is to clean it regularly and to evade kiss-and-tell it to harsh chemicals or rough materials. Here are a few instructions:

  1. It is necessary to clean your lab diamond jewellery once a week with a bar of mild soap and water.
  2. Practice a soft toothbrush to scrub the diamond gently.
  3. Dye the diamond thoroughly with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth.
  4. Harsh chemicals should be avoided for the hygienic condition of your lab diamond jewellery.
  5. While swimming in a pool or deep sea, it is best to remove your lab diamond jewellery. The chlorine and salt water damage the surface of the diamond.

If your lab diamond becomes cloudy, you should take it to a jeweller for proficient cleaning. The jeweller will remove all dirt and stains that have been collected on the diamond. If the cloudiness is produced by damaging the diamond's surface, the jeweller will polish and clean the diamond to remove all damage.


To conclude, it would be appropriate to say that lab diamonds do not lose clarity over time. However, they can convert cloudy or dull if a harsh chemical is used for their formation. Under the heading, do lab diamonds lose clarity, it is essential to discuss that the lab should be cleaned once a week with a trifling soap and water solution. Do not use harsh chemicals to wash your lab diamond jewellery. If your lab diamond becomes cloudy, take it to a jeweller for a professional cleaning.