Difference Between A Lab-Grown Diamond And A Cubic Zirconia

Dec 14th 2023

Naturally, people want to look unique and stunning. Wearing jewelry can give them confidence and boost their morale. But when it comes to selecting the perfect gemstones for the jewelry. The clients often feel baffled about making the right choice. Two essential types of gemstones that have been gaining consumers' attention are lab created diamonds and cubic zirconia. You should know the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a cubic zirconia to ensure. You select the best option possible according to your requirements.

Uncovering The Huge Difference Between A Lab-Grown Diamond And A Cubic Zirconia:

The following are the main differences that can help you select the right gemstone option.

Production Processes:

The first difference is about the production processes. Lab diamonds are alternative options for traditionally mined diamonds prepared in a laboratory within unchangeable conditions. Ensuring a safe and secure diamond formation. But one common thing in natural and lab diamonds is that they are formed with carbon atoms.

Cubic zirconia are cultured gemstones produced from zirconium dioxide. They don’t involve using carbon atoms like lab and traditional diamonds. But they are formed through a white crystalline zirconium oxide. Due to this feature, they are different in physical form compared to lab diamonds.

Longevity And Firmness:

The second difference is related to the longevity and firmness of both gemstones. When it comes to lab diamonds, you can feel at ease because whether you choose lab diamonds or traditional diamonds. They provide advanced firmness in daily and specific function usage. Better materials can protect them from scratches and getting weary quickly. Due to this, their lifespan is also reliable. On the contrary, you can wear cubic zirconia jewelry daily. However, it is not very much protected against scratches and cannot prove as durable as lab diamonds.

Clarity And Shine:

The third difference relates to the clarity and shine of lab diamonds and cubic zirconia jewelry. Lab diamonds are made with the same composition as natural diamonds, offering improved clarity and shine even better. But you should know that they do not offer much improved clarity and shine when it comes to cubic zirconia. So, lab diamonds can be your best option if you’re looking for high-clarity and brilliant jewelry.

Worth And Cost:

The fourth difference is that lab diamonds are created under balanced conditions. Ensuring that the ecological balance remains maintained. Due to this factor, they are available at an affordable price compared to traditional diamonds. Clients who want reasonable yet ethical diamond jewelry go for lab diamonds. Cubic zirconia is also available at affordable prices. But do not offer the same value and environment-friendly considerations as you can get in lab diamonds.

Final Words:

To wrap up, the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a cubic zirconia. You should know the four main differences between these two gemstones discussed in this guide. Because it can help you select clearly which one is the right option for you according to your requirements. You can tell the shop owner your requirements because they are experienced people. So he can help you buy the best jewelry possible.