Can lab-grown diamonds crack?

Feb 23rd 2024

Diamonds have long mesmerized viewers, both natural and lab-grown alike. Diamonds' timeless beauty has long symbolized eternal love. As lab-grown ones become more widely popular though, questions arise regarding their durability: Can lab-grown diamonds crack? To answer such inquiries more thoroughly let's discuss the scientific principles that support their strength and disprove any misconceptions regarding the longevity of these gemstones!

Beyond Hardness - Understanding the Toughness

First and foremost, it is imperative to acknowledge that lab-grown diamonds are indeed diamonds and boast the same exceptional hardness as mined ones; both grades display an outstanding Mohs scale mineral hardness rating of 10. This means they provide exceptional resistance against scratching from everyday items like keys and metal objects.

While a diamond's hardness protects it against scratches, its toughness determines its resilience against chipping or fracture. Lab-grown diamonds stand out as superior in this aspect due to being produced under controlled environments that facilitate consistent growth with minimal imperfections compared to certain mined diamonds with internal flaws that hinder durability.

Pressure Makes Perfect (But Not Too Perfect)

Lab-grown diamonds may boast impressive hardness and toughness; however, like all substances, they are not immune from damage under extreme force. Despite being tough enough for use as tools in laboratory settings, lab-grown diamonds retain some degree of brittleness which makes them susceptible to cracking under sudden, concentrated impact, compromising their effectiveness as tools of work.

Understanding Risks

So what scenarios might endanger a lab-grown diamond?

  • Direct impacts: Any hard object striking against it is likely to do damage; even accidental strikes such as from other diamonds would doom it irreparably.
  • High falls: While less likely to result in immediate shattering, even an acute fall could still leave visible cracks or chips in its wake.
  • Uneven Pressure: Applying too much force in one area (e.g. trying to pry something open), can also result in shatterage.

Responsible Wearing and Maintenance

By following proper care practices and remaining vigilant, you can lower the risk of damaging your lab-grown diamond.

  • Steer clear of rough activities: It would be prudent to remove your jewelry during sports or high-impact activities to safeguard it against potential damage.
  • Secure Storage: Keep your diamonds safe by placing them in their jewelry box, away from hard objects to avoid accidental knocks and knockouts.
  • Regular Cleaning Regimen: To prolong the beauty and condition of your stone over time, schedule professional cleaning sessions regularly to remove dirt build-up that might weaken it over time.

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Beyond Durability: Revealing Additional Advantages

Lab-grown diamonds boast many additional advantages over their more common alternatives:

  • Ethical Sourcing: Choose diamonds unaffected by any conflict or harmful practices for greater ethical radiance when selecting lab-grown gems for use as jewelry.
  • Environmental Aware: Strive towards sustainable mining methods with lower environmental impact than conventional mining practices.
  • Competitive Affordability: Experience allure at more reasonable price points - making larger or higher quality options within reach!
  • Transparency and Traceability: Each gem sold through EX3 Diamonds comes complete with its report documenting its journey from origin to growth, guaranteeing full transparency.

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Peace of Mind with EX3 Diamonds

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Illuminating the Truth

Can lab-grown diamonds crack? - Although laboratory-grown diamonds can occasionally crack under extreme circumstances, their superior hardness, toughness, and controlled cultivation make them highly durable for everyday wear. Given careful care and consideration from its owner, your lab-grown gem should continue to shine for generations.