Can a single woman wear a solitaire diamond ring?

May 4th 2024

Solitaire diamond wedding rings have long symbolized prestige and romance, along with the symbolism of engagements and weddings. Usually reserved for engagements and weddings, these timeless pieces feature one beautiful diamond set on an unassuming band - but can a single woman wear a solitaire diamond ring?

Absolutely! At EX3 Diamonds, we firmly believe that solitaire diamond rings should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of relationship status. Diamonds represent brilliance and beauty - there's no reason for single women not to enjoy their sparkle!

Solitaire Diamonds: Breaking Traditions

Solitaire diamond rings have long symbolized self-love and empowerment; here's why giving one as a present would make such a statement:

  1. Statement Piece: With its singular beauty, solitaire diamond rings create an exquisite way of declaring who we are as individuals while showing how fashionable our taste may be.
  2. Honour Yourself: Diamonds have long been seen as symbols of celebration and achievement; owning a solitaire ring can serve as an excellent way to commemorate personal milestones while attesting to strength, resilience, and independence.
  3. Versatile Elegance: Solitaire diamond rings offer versatile elegance that seamlessly transitions from casual to formal settings, adding a touch of grace and sparkle to any ensemble - be it for a night outing or daily wear.
  4. Limitless Design Options: Although solitaire rings may seem simple in design terms, they offer endless design opportunities at EX3 Diamonds. We provide an assortment of settings ranging from classic platinum to trendy rose gold so you can select the ideal setting and diamond cut that expresses who you are - perhaps sparkling with round cuts or striking with the refined allure of an emerald cut (imagine an impressive 5ct emerald cut diamond engagement ring!)

Impress Your Solitaire in Style

Tradition may dictate wearing solitaire diamond rings on the fourth finger of your left hand, but for single women, there's no rulebook! Feel empowered to show off your solitaire on any finger that suits you and expresses your style and comfort level. Here are a few tips on rocking your solitaire with pride:

  • Mix and Match: Be adventurous by layering multiple rings together - from delicate bands to bold cocktail rings - to achieve an eye-catching and personalized look.
  • Match Your Style: Your solitaire should reflect who you are as an individual and make an authentic expression - make sure your setting and diamond cut resonate with both your wardrobe and individual preferences so your ring becomes truly personal!
  • Shine Brightly: Wear your solitaire diamond ring proudly and show it off! Your stunning piece deserves to be noticed and appreciated wherever it may take you.

Find Your Ideal Solitaire at EX3 Diamonds

At EX3 Diamonds, our goal is to assist in finding you the ideal solitaire diamond ring. With help from our knowledgeable gemologists and an assortment of high-quality diamonds available in various cuts, clarities and carat weights - you will easily check out our selection until finding something which perfectly aligns with both budget and preferences.

The Bottom Line

EX3 Diamonds has something special waiting for you - from classic solitaire rings to unique options and more - no matter your aesthetic preference or taste! Check out our collection online or come visit the showroom in person - both offer breathtaking designs!

So single ladies, don't shy away from showing your sparkle! A solitaire diamond ring will become part of your journey while radiating elegance and beauty for years!