Are Millennials buying lab-grown diamonds?

Are Millennials buying lab-grown diamonds?

Sep 1st 2023

The diamond industry is witnessing an intriguing shift as Millennials, known for their unique preferences and values, become more prominent consumers. One aspect of this transformation that stands out is Millennials' interest in lab-grown diamonds; we delve into “Are Millennials buying lab-grown diamonds?” Additionally, we look into moissanite and lab-created diamonds debate to help you make informed choices when investing!

The Millennial Mindset and Sustainable Choices

Millennials are well known for their environmental consciousness and ethical considerations, seeking more sustainable options across various aspects of their lives - luxury goods like diamonds are no different; synthetic stones fit right in with this generation's values since they're created using eco-friendly processes with less environmental impact compared to conventional mining processes.

The Appeal of Lab-Grown Diamonds

But the question is, “Are Millennials buying lab-grown diamonds?” - there is a hype in demand for synthetic gemstones, and here is why;

  • Ethical Sourcing: Millennials priorities ethical practices and transparency when selecting gems to purchase, such as lab-grown gemstones that can often be traced and eliminate conflict concerns - this aligns with their desire for responsible decisions.
  • Environmental Awareness: Laboratory-grown gemstones have significantly less environmental footprint than mined ones, making this an influential factor for buyers concerned with our planet's future. This aspect may play a pivotal role when making buying decisions.
  • Innovation: Millennials appreciate innovative and disruptive technologies like Synthetic stones created using cutting-edge processes. They appreciate these pieces that represent innovation within society.

Myth Vs. Reality:

Many people think lab-grown gems lack prestige and millennials only purchase traditional options, which is a myth. Their physical, chemical, and optical properties match those of mined stones, meaning their origin does not diminish their beauty or value. Many Millennials actively look for alternatives that reflect their values, making lab-grown stones appealing.

Moissanite vs. Lab-Created Diamonds: An Analysis

Discussions often extend to moissanite, another popular alternative to conventional ones, when discussing cultivated ones. But which is better, moissanite or lab-created diamonds? Here is a comparison to help make an informed decision:


  • Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral; however, most available today have been created through lab processes.
  • Moissanite is known for its brilliance and fire, often surpassing that of diamonds themselves.
  • Significantly for most consumers - it costs less than natural and lab-created diamonds!
  • It ranks slightly lower on the Mohs scale of hardness than titanium, making it slightly more susceptible to scratches.

Which is better moissanite or lab created diamonds?

Lab-Created Diamonds:

  • These gems look and behave similarly to natural ones; their chemical makeup does not translate to having all of their attributes intact
  • Brilliance, durability, and everlasting beauty are identical - unlike mined ones that possess them naturally.
  • They tend to be pricier due to their diamond-like properties making them less suitable than moissanite for production use.
  • They also offer the advantage of being graded by respected gemological institutes, just like natural ones.


Q1. Are Millennials buying lab-grown diamonds?

A1. Absolutely. Many millennials see them as ethical and sustainable choices that align with their values, appreciating the transparency and eco-friendliness they bring.

Q2. Do lab-grown gems possess equal resale values as natural ones?

A2. Lab-grown gem's resale values are still evolving. While natural ones might hold more historical resale market presence, their growing popularity and ethical appeal could increase positive resale value.

Q3. How do lab-grown diamonds compare with natural diamonds regarding brilliance and durability?

A3. They are virtually indistinguishable from natural ones in brilliance and durability, possessing identical optical and physical properties for effortless everyday wearability.

The Millennial Shift: Synthetic Diamonds Pose an Encouraging Future

Millennial purchasing behaviors are shaping the diamond industry towards lab-grown ones. As these sophisticated consumers seek ethical, sustainable, and innovative options for themselves and others alike, synthetic gemstones satisfy this criterion perfectly. Their appeal goes far beyond mere trends; rather, it represents their generation's dedication to choosing decisions that positively affect our planet.

Visit our official website to explore a collection of lab-grown diamonds designed specifically to appeal to Millennial values and preferences, like fashion earrings, diamond rings, etc. As we witness a dramatic transition in the diamond market, lab-grown diamonds may soon become symbols of love and luxury, conscious consumerism, and forward-thinking ideals. If you have any question related to “Are Millennials buying lab-grown diamonds?” feel free to ask in comment section!