Are Lab-grown Diamonds Considered Fake or Real?

Jan 24th 2024

Lab-grown diamonds came into being as a result of the debates on their authenticity. Are Lab-grown diamonds considered fake or real? In answer to this question, this blog post by EX3Diamonds will discuss the basic differences between lab-created diamonds and also those mined from nature!

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab diamonds are grown in a laboratory under the HPHT technology. Approximately, this process craftily mimics the diamond creation taking place underneath the Earth's crust. Nevertheless, this rapid formation is greatly assisted by the laboratory procedure that accomplishes it in a matter of few weeks or months. It is diamonds that are not only identical in appearance but also have the same chemical composition, physical characteristics, and also optical properties as mined ones.

The Authenticity of the Lab-Grown Diamonds

From a scientific point of view, there is clear proof that lab-grown diamonds unquestionably belong to the category of real natural diamonds. They share the same chemical composition, crystal structure, and also physical nature as their mine counterparts. Interestingly, authoritative gemological entities like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) use identical grading criteria for lab-produced and also mined diamonds.

The Crucial Distinction: Origin

Man-made diamonds can be considered true in scientific terms, but the essence of this fact is their origin. On the other hand, mined ones experience a slow natural process of evolution which matures over long millenniums in the mantle under extreme pressure and heat. On the contrary, synthetic diamonds undergo an artificial process of creation, finally ending in a period as short as several weeks or even many months. Such a big difference in origin often encourages the apparent dichotomy between lab-grown diamonds and the mined ones.

The Crucial Differences Between Lab-Created and Natural Diamonds

1. Price Discrepancy

In most cases, in contrast to pricing, synthetic diamonds create a tremendous difference where they can be incredibly cheaper up to 80% lower than their mined counterparts. This large price gap originates from the shortened production schedule and also no associated costs with standard diamond mining.

2. Ethics and Sustainability

Diamond mining holds a long history of environmental, social, and political issues including deforestation, human rights abuses as well as conflict diamonds. On the other hand, lab-grown gems arise as a shining example of ethical and very sustainable sourcing. They skirt the moral problems associated with diamond mining, allowing them to be a much better alternative for consumers who are environmentally and socially conscious.

3. Availability Dynamics

On one hand, limited by the natural deposition of deposits, mined gems sometimes do suffer from shortage and thus are associated with supply volatility. In the controlled laboratory environment, synthetic stones have a lot more reliable and stable supply. Factor regulation leads to a much more dependable supply.

Decision-Making: Lab-grown or Mined Diamonds

Are Lab-grown diamonds considered fake or real? The choice of laboratory-grown diamonds or the Earth-mined stones hinges on personal preference and priorities. People who value cost savings, environmental friendliness, and ethical implications may consider lab-created gems as an attractive option. On the contrary, people who appreciate the classic appeal of mined ones and also enjoy owning a part of nature’s most valuable stone may go for mined stones.

The Lab-Grown Diamond Market Navigation

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Final Thoughts

Are Lab-grown diamonds considered fake or real? Lab-grown diamond jewelry makes a very attractive alternative with the same beauty, tenacity, and also monetary value as their natural counterparts. Despite the concerns of low-priced finds, moral considerations, or interest in gemstones with the latest technology, a brief look into the lab-grown diamond world is certainly worth it when talking about the contemporary market for real gems!