Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real? Your Questions Answered

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real? Your Questions Answered

Sep 23rd 2023

Ah, diamonds. They’ve dazzled us for centuries as the ultimate symbol of love and luxury. Now, once the stuff of science fiction, lab grown diamonds are stepping out of the lab and into the limelight. They’re the bling of the future, with all the glitz minus the guilt. 

But let’s get to the bottom of the glitzy abyss: Are lab grown diamonds actually real diamonds? We’re diving into the heart of carbon to answer your burning questions about these sparkling wonders. 

Are Lab Created Diamonds Real?

Yes, they are! In fact, chemically, physically, and optically, they’re identical to their Earth-mined counterparts. Both types of diamonds are made of carbon atoms arranged in a crystalline structure, giving them their signature hardness and sparkle. Furthermore, professional gemologists often need specialized equipment to tell the difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds—that's how similar they are. So, yes, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds!

Same Bling, Different Origins

a pear solitaire lab-grown diamond on a yellow gold band

What sets real lab created diamonds apart isn’t their composition, brilliance, or weight—it's their origin. Lab created diamonds from EX3 Diamond have the exact same chemical composition as naturally occurring diamonds. Think of it as the nature vs. nurture debate for your diamond ring, necklace, or earrings. Both types are made of carbon atoms arranged in a crystalline structure. The only difference? Our lab grown diamonds are crafted in a controlled environment instead of being dug up from the Earth’s crust. So yes, these lab grown diamonds are real diamonds—just made smarter.

How Exactly Are They Made?

So, how does science pull off creating these real lab grown diamonds? Well, there are two primary methods: High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). HPHT recreates the Earth’s natural diamond-making process but fast-forwards it by a few million years. Meanwhile, CVD is like 3D printing for diamonds. A gas mixture deposits carbon atom by atom, layer by layer, until you’ve got a sparkling stone.

Lab Created Benefits

a brilliant-cut lab-grown diamond on a yellow-gold intertwined band

When it comes to diamonds, we’re not just looking for sparkle; we’re seeking a package deal—beauty, ethics, and affordability. They shine in every category, ticking all the boxes from jaw-dropping allure to eco-conscious production. Let’s break down the game-changing advantages that make real lab created diamonds the modern gemstone of choice.

Ethical and Eco-Friendly

Imagine a world where your gorgeous diamond ring didn’t come at the expense of Mother Earth or human lives. That’s what you get with EX3 Diamond. Not only are these real lab grown diamonds conflict-free, but they’re also grown in controlled environments that reduce their ecological footprint. Feel good about that rock you’re rocking!


One of the coolest perks about going lab grown is the price. High-quality diamonds from EX3 are a fraction of the cost of naturally occurring diamonds. So go ahead, upgrade that carat size, or maybe splurge on that matching bracelet you’ve been eyeing.

Lab-Created Beauty

EX3 Diamonds proudly offers real lab grown diamonds that are “ideal cut” and meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. Real lab grown diamonds offer the same range of cuts, colors, and carats as mined diamonds. In fact, they even come with grading certificates!

Quality in Every Piece

Unlike many competitors whose operations are mostly overseas, all of EX3 Diamond’s products are made right here in the USA. That’s more than just a tag—it’s a mark of beauty, quality, and ethical production. Plus, every real lab grown diamond is traceable, meaning you can know exactly where your diamond was grown and cut. 

Shine Brighter EX3 Diamonds

So there you have it, the 411 on lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are real, they’re fabulous, and they’re ethical. But why just stop at being in the know? Whether you’re popping the big question or just want to pop some sparkle into your life, lab grown diamonds from EX3 Diamonds are a truly brilliant choice. 

To make your life even sweeter, we offer free shipping via USPS First Class for our U.S. customers, and yes, we also ship internationally. What are you waiting for? Make a statement, make an impact, and make the switch to lab grown diamonds with EX3 Diamond.